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  • Lucrecia Ming - Align Glucometer

    I have been a diabetic since 2010. I needed a new glucose meter and liked the price of the strips. I found no problem with the readings, the were within points of my old glucose monitor. (example 125 vs 129) I used both for a week before throwing my old one out. I have an iphone 6 plus with a cover and the Align is easy to insert. When the phone is disconnected from Bluetooth or WiFi the meter stores results and upload the next time the phone is connected. I do this and I am not technical savvy. This thing really works. I would encourage diabetics to purchase items like this so more companies would produce diabetic products that are easy to use and most of all cheap.

  • Kathryn Jones - Healthy Looking Hair -thicker & longer lashes as well!!!!

    Have had some confusion about which one to use - there are several kinds now but it definitely makes my hair shiney, healthy looking, and reduces hair thinning. A bonus is longer, sturdier lashes...I've always had long eyelashes until last year when they seemed to be disappearing. I started Vivisca for hair thinning and noticed right away that my long lashes had returned!!!

  • Rpace - SSD works great and priced right!

    So far after about four weeks, this SSD drive as been working great. It is very fast in my Dell e6400 laptop running PCLinuxOS 64 bit with Mate desktop. The price was very fair for this drive. No problems to report. I would by again.

  • John Stewart - danger Zone

    This book has some important qualities. Above all, it highlights the urgency of our current situation: the blind greed of financial speculation is predictably leading us to an economic and social meltdown (comparable in size to those of others in what the author perceives as an 80-year cycle, the last being the 1930's crash). The book contributes many valuable elements. Hiowever, I have given it only three stars because (i) it irritatingly concentrates on America (the rest of the world could go to hell if AMERICA came through alright; also some misplaced narcissicism and poersonal anecdotes (ii) it is irritatingly disorganized, flitthing from one subject to another and not really following through properly; (iii) the weakest section is the end: "what can be done?" - nothing much, it seems...