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library.athabascau.ca: Athabasca University Library & Scholarly Resources

This is the home page for the Athabasca University Library. On this page you will find information about the library, including: contacts, internet resources, Databases, the library catalogue, links to other libraries, information on reciprocal agreements with other libraries, reference services, requesting library materials, suggestions, university archives, and the ability to view your library account.

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leerbim.nl: LeerBIM

Een Blog over BIM voor Studenten. Leer wat het Bouw Informatie Model inhoud. Daarnaast veel nieuws en definities over management, modelleren & Innovaties.

livinginbabylon.blogspot.com: Living in Babylon

News, Right-minded commentary, examples of the left's hypocrisy, and hopefully some humor from a right-wing-conservative-fundamentalist-evangelical-christian-white-male living on the left coast (Seattle). Dedicated to defending Christians and Christianity, traditional family values, and the Constitution of this Great Nation (including the 2nd amendment) against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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lucas.leeds.ac.uk: Centre for African Studies (LUCAS)

 Sing Freedom – A story with songs of liberation LUCAS are proud to be supporting a special performance by Frances Bernstein and her Free Range choir of Sing Freedom – a story with songs of liberation about the strugg