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  • Keyon W. - Solid album. Worth a listen ALL THE WAY THROUGH....

    I am a J. Cole fan. Have been since the Warm-up. With that being said this is a solid album through and through. If you enjoyed any of his album minus Sideline story (sorry that was his weakest effort to me) and his mixtapes, you wouldn't want to miss this album. I was surprised to see a new release from him, pleasantly surprised I must say. I really enjoyed the listen. Love his transparency, that what makes me a fan. That really shines on this album. There are a couple songs I couldn't get into such as....G.O.M.D and Hello. I understand their message, just didn't sink in with me. I skip those now. Other than those songs, I can play it front to back. The reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating was because I don't deem this a classic record. The warm-up is classic to me. I would have gave it 4.5 stars but you can't unfortunately. For the Cole fans, GET IT! Support your man because other than Kendrick Lamar there really isn't any mainstream artist with anything worth listening to nowadays. I've lost hope for this "New hip-hop" but because of J Cole and Kendrick I still have a blimp of hope for its future. If you're not a fan, shame on you. You missing out on the REAL!

  • laura - Dangerous option for flea control

    Wish we had looked at these customer reviews before we used this collar on our 5 year old healthy cat but unfortunately we purchased from the vet based on their recommendation. She's worn the collar maybe two weeks and is covered in sores. She's losing some clumps of hair and seems very itchy. Calling the vet tomorrow to report the reaction and to ask for advice on how to help her. I'm so sad for the other reviewers who's pets have faired even worse. My advice is to avoid this product.

  • Consultant - Fine, but it's broken

    The download version of 2012 H&R Block at Home, Basic, is excellent for tax preparation -- except that the software downloaded is broken. Everything went well until I tried to e-file. I could not access the necessary options page, even after repeated attempts and opening a new return. You just cannot get there, so you cannot e-file. You can however, mail in your return and this part functions very well. Regarding help and customer service links, forget it: Slow, don't understand English, and have no clue about the product.

  • John Reilly - Concise classic

    I had used this i high school, and wanted to brush up. This is not a style manual like MLA, but rather general guidelines for vigorous, clear writing. This is a very short book, and is full of rules that you will remember, and use.

  • Jeanne Avant - SUPERB!!

    WOW! I'm impressed with all the calls its blocking. I suddenly started getting spam calls, and this has blocked every one.

  • sally cook - earthly body oil gift bag.

    I love the smell of this stuff so does my 82 year old grandma. I had to buy more of it as this gift set is small bottles and only a 4 piece. very nice starter set but deffinitly only enough for one person and the person should have short hair not long hair like mine ...if you have long hair I would highly recommend purchasing the bigger bottles of the shampoo and conditioner. I get allot of complements on the smoothness and smell of my hair by using these products. I was first introduced to the oil for the hair two years ago at a salon and just that tiny 4oz bottle of hair oil cost me 25.00 however it did last a year. it takes very little product of this high quality excellent smelling earthly Marrakesh argon oils products to use in your hair... very lovely set.