Home - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - ACT treats addiction to opioid drugs. Physician visits are covered by OHIP. No waiting list. No fees to join. Many locations. Click for more info.

  • ACT Brantford 193 Colborne Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Colborne Street East near the library and city hall. Street parking available on Colborne Street East in front of the clinic. Contact info here.
  • ACT Guelph 84 Carden Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Carden Street across from the train and bus terminal. Street parking available on Carden Street by city hall. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 1440 Main Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Entrance on Crosthwaite Avenue South. Free parking at the clinic entrance and in the plaza by the pharmacy. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 225 John Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Located in the plaza inside the IDA Pharmacy. Park for free directly in front of the pharmacy. Pay parking also available. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 664 Barton Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Barton Street East between Kinrade Avenue and Sherman Avenue North. Meter parking available in front of the clinic. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 928 Barton Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On the corner of Barton Street East and Cavell Avenue in the IDA pharmacy. Free parking in the lot behind the building. Contact info here.
  • ACT Kingston 166 Division Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Enter the clinic from Garrett Street. Parking available in the plaza parking lot. Meter parking available on Garrett Street. Contact info here.
  • ACT Kingston 3079 Princess Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - In the white Pharmacy building on Princess Street. Free parking available. For contact information and hours click here.
  • ACT Kitchener 91 Queen Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - In the plaza on the corner of Charles Street East and Queen 2nd floor. Pay parking in the Green P Garage across the road. Contact info here.
  • ACT Peterborough 226 Charlotte Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Charlotte Street near Aylmer Street North. Meter parking is available on the street and in the municipal lot across the road. Contact info here.
  • ACT Toronto 1288 Danforth Avenue - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Danforth around the corner from Greenwood TTC. Meter parking on Danforth. Parking available on side streets. Contact info here.
  • ACT Scarborough 4113A Lawrence Avenue - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Lawrence Avenue East on the south side across from the big apartment buildings. Free parking behind the clinic. Contact info here.
  • Transfer To ACT - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - If you want to transfer to ACT from your current clinic learn what info is needed regarding medical records and last dose receipts by clicking here.
  • Begin Treatment Now - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Info on treatment options, making an appointment, follow-up visits, dose adjustments, carries, sample tests, and program rules here.
  • How Opioid Substitution Therapy Works - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Learn about OST, opioids, withdrawal, rapid detox, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and possible lifestyle changes.
  • Reduce Your Dose - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Dose reductions or tapering are a step towards being drug free. Factors may determine how quickly you can reduce your dose. Click for more info.
  • About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Treat panic, anxiety, phobias, stress, and compulsions without the cost, side effects, addictions, and withdrawal effects of medications.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Questions about medications, side effects, drug interactions, or drug treatment? Find answers to the most common questions here.
  • Resource - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - What is addiction? How do you spot withdrawal symptoms? What are relapse, triggers, and cravings? Find out here.

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    Tried citrus fiber. Took one day, now bloated, stomach pain, back pain little to no bowl movement. Hard to breath. Been 5 days. Maybe it's not something my body can handle.

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  • Julie B. Rieth - Just what we needed!

    Despite many therapy sessions and doctor appointments, my husband and I were still at a loss as to how to control our son's angry outbursts. The Total Transformation Program gave us clear actions to take, words to say and validation for our expectations about behavior. While the transformation does not happen overnight, I see progress and I feel so much more in control of my actions and reactions. I feel like I have a plan now, and I can see more clearly my role in the relationships and behavior. I've put the lessons on my iPod and refer back to them regularly. I'm always reminded of actions to take and ways of responding that apply to new situations that occur. Every parent can benefit from this training. James Lehman is a wonderful coach!

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  • Kelly Osborne - I Love the Slendertone Ab Belt

    I purchased this belt 1 week ago.. The very first day I took a photo before using it.. Yesterday (June 11th) marked 1 week of using it daily.. The results are amazing.. I use the 40 minute sessions.. Started at the intensity of 40 and went up with each session.. I keep it on for 2-3 hours each use, take a break for 2-3 hours and put it back on.. I am not at the intensity of 67.. I am looking forward to the end results.. I have set a 30 trial for myself.. I would say get one.. Take it one day at a time.. Results will soon appear.. Good Luck to all who purchase this.. I love mine...