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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • L. Seebeck - Great Buy!

    I havent had the chance to really put this knife to the test yet on a deer but so far I am very pleased. The handle is very ergonomic and the plastic material seems to be very grippy, even when wet. The curved blade is awesome and was very sharp right out of the box. The sheath is a nice bonus as well. A great buy for the price!


    Breath Appeal is a very effective product, I wish I had this product years ago. If anyone has a problem with bad breath, please give this product a try. You will be happy you did and so will the ones you love.

  • Gail - All the great tunes in one disc...

    I listen to this CD every day on my way to work. Love the variety, songs and the musicians. Very good buy.

  • Scot - Didnt do anything

    I was a firm beleiver that this would help me pass a drug test. I couldnt have been more wrong. I am a heavy daily smoker i stopped smoking thc 7 days prior to my teat, drank tons of water daily, excercised, and drank this detox about 4 hours before my test like people here suggest, urinated 3 times then took my test. I failed bad. One of the highest thc levels he had seen apparently. This did nothing. Spent $50 on this at gnc. Id recommend considering other options.

  • putegrain - The extra space was nice. Good spot to keep your cellphone or ipod ...

    Fits 95 Grand Marquis ok. Nothing holds it in place other than friction, but wasn't a big deal since it was a tight fit. The extra space was nice. Good spot to keep your cellphone or ipod or thin wallet.

  • Jessica - Works great, saw immediate reults

    Noticeable difference after just 1 use, my hair was much softer and had less frizz. I have fine hair, and this does weigh it down a little after each use, but I only use it as a deep treatment once a week on for me it's not a problem to have flat hair for 1 day, considering the really good conditioning results I get. Plus, the scent lingers in your hair all day!

  • Love Amazon - REVISED REVIEW, NOT SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

    I want you all to know, just because it has dual sim cards, does not mean you have to have two. I called my provider, StraightTalk and they told me I could NOT use this phone. But they were WRONG!!! I ordered a new sim card, and transferred it to this phone, and have great service!!! I was going to return the phone, and I was upset to have to send it back. Now I don't need to return it!! It works PERFECTLY!!!