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  • J. Stoltz - Perfect for my pellet rifle.

    I'm giving this 5 stars because it is super easy to use. One thing I don't like is the view finder doesn't seem real clear and hard to see with glasses. But I'm still able to get distances uphill easy and quick. Update: I took my glasses off and was able see much better! Great for getting distances for creatures in trees.

  • Amazon Customer - NO good

    this really was not a buy, when I opened the box, half of the relaxer cream had a dark brown color, when I opened it was stick nope, not buying this product on here again, guess its true you get what you pay for.

  • ariel cypressi - So in love!!

    First off I just wanna say that I love these pills. I have always suffered with thin cracking, bending, breaking nails and could never get them to grow strong and healthy. I have also strived all my life for gorgeous long hair and as of a couple months ago I have started from scratch.

  • J. Stephen - Should have a prominent warning

    I was happily paying the bills after working hard all day when I started to feel...weird. I finished my manly duties and then thought I'd go have a beer but ended up at the mall(!). I don't even remember going there, but I knew I had when I found a Cinnabon wrapper in my truck one morning. It turns out my wife had left one of Her pens laying around but I thought it was just a normal pen when I used it to sign checks. Now my friends are getting pissed at me for keeping them on the phone too long and I have to keep fighting the urge to try exotic cheeses. These pens should have a warning label or at least have a pleasant fragrance to warn men away. If I could I'd give it zero stars I would, though I'd probably just hate myself for being so mean.

  • melray65 - Sweet Orange is my favorite

    Sweet Orange is my favorite. This worked really well in my Grapeseed Oil and Almond Oil. I bought some bottle holders at a local craft store and made my own massage oils with these scents. The Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass are my least favorite. Tea Tree smells like a tree/forest and lemongrass reminds me of furniture polish. I probably will not use these.