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    I've tried Proactiv, and multiple other OTC acne products, I tried Acnefree and it worked better than anything. I then decided to try the "Severe" and it is the best.

  • K. Agnew - Awesome, killer product

    Fantastic, does exactly what it says on the tin. One star off because I can't drive faster than 87 MPH now.

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    I've been using Shaklee products in my home for about 4 years now and wouldn't use anything else! I highly recommend their products!

  • Jimmie Hudson - Good luck.

    Not sure what Dell had in mind here but this machine was sent back the next day. I wanted another platform for minecraft but the oporating system was not windows and I had no idea how to use the browser. Good luck.

  • Mr, DiBs - In a class of its own.

    I have used early versions of this great software at my place of employment. Needed copy for myself for home use as well as allowing me to work from home when required. My son found it indispensable since he is allowed to take a laptop to school, all his notes are neatly stored and organized. He is able to sync his Onenote books to SkyDrive, which is great in-case his laptop is ever stolen. OneNote allows you to store your data, information and media the way you want to organize it, plus its integration with MS Office is a plus.