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  • Maureen - Spirit

    This book begins when Julia Padden discovers that her neighbor has been stealing her morning paper, and Cain Maddox is caught with the paper in his hand. He seems to be a real curmudgeon and really isn’t very friendly, thus when she relates all that has happened to her friend, an idea is formed to help her land her dream job, by promoting a Christmas spirit of kindness.

  • Amazon Customer - Tiny and nice.

    This is a great little camera. And when I say little I mean little. I was surprised at how small it truly was. They camera was relatively easy to hook up. I had it running within 20 minutes after it arrived. What I did with it was set it up at the front door looking out the peep holehole. This way I have essentially a video feed of anyone who comes up on my front porch. So far so good. Let's hope it keeps running. One thing I have noticed and I see that several others have mentioned it as well is that this unit does run a little hot. I worked around that issue simply by having a fan nearby aimed at the door to keep it cool and give it lots of air flow. I suspect depending upon the type of enclosure one might want to use with this camera that the heat could become an issue especially if used for long time periods.

  • Amazon Customer - A very BEEFY Box.

    Very well made. I was able to place a series 31 AGM battery inside 115 Amp hrs. All the electrics work as advertised and as previously reviewed. I use this for back up power in the home but would be great camping. No smelly, loud generator to fuel and carry fuel for. One feature that I was impressed with was the integrated rubber feet on the bottom of the box. No slip for sure in the boat or back for your SUV/pickup. Great product.

  • Amazon Customer - ... well made - the bag is very thick and sturdy and the straps more than adaquate

    The construction is very well made - the bag is very thick and sturdy and the straps more than adaquate. As another reviewer mentioned, the bag is a little stiff in colder weather, making it difficult to zip. I can also see the advantage of adding a homemade pvc pipe frame as other reviewers have done. The way the straps attach to the top of the bag are well reinforced, but it remains to be seen how well they will hold up under years of use. The bag did not show any signs of wear from this initial trip. We did not even use up the capacity of this bag and still fit in 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, a portable baby bed (similar to a pack-and-play), 2 large swim totes filled with swim gear, a folding booster seat with tray, our laundry in a large laundry bag, packs of diapers, and more! I see no reason why this bag could not also be used on a roof top carrier, but I have not yet tried it for this use. We will probably end up using it in our flatbed trailer and on camping trips as well. Fabulous product!

  • Liriope - Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy ...

    Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy to understand. I valued the manner in which the facts were compared to other authors books and information. Incredible eye opening facts re Freemansons and early history regarding Paganism and its attachment to religion in order to escape persecution. One of the best! I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  • Joe Hawes - high quality

    The nice thing is that it is much more affordable than the Original Cable made from Apple, so I have no complaints. I would happily recommend this to anyone who needs a really nice, high quality charging

  • Este55 - High Quality Laser Light Freeing Me From the Pain of Hanging String Lights!

    The first thing I noticed when I removed the box containing the CRGPRO Laser Light from the shipping package was that it was high quality. Let me be clear...I hadn't even seen the light itself and I had the impression that it was high quality because of the way it was packaged. It is a full color sturdy box that is suitable for storing this light for years to come. In fact there a magnets implanted in the lid the assist with closure. Enough about the packaging. The light itself has a very sturdy brass colored metal housing that should withstand the treatment Christmas decorations tend to receive. The fixture comes with an equally sturdy metal stake that easily attaches to the housing and allows for easy placement into the ground. The laser light provided outstanding coverage of my home. This light comes with a remote control that works from a distance of about 20 meters. The control allows me to turn the laser light on and off, select the strobe function, control the colors (red and or green), put in auto-color changing mode and to set the timer. One benefit of laser lights is that I can decorate my home without ever climbing a ladder. I will never again search for the missing bulb on a string of lights and I will be freeing up much need storage space because I no longer need the tubs containing dozens of net lights, ice cycle lights, string lights etc. This is all I need! I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review. The discount in no way influenced my review. I honestly highly recommend this fixture.