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  • taylor swift (real name) - NOT WHAT I WOULD CALL ''GOOD CONDITION'' AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the book itself is fine. however the binding was broken when it arrived. the used review said '' used-good''. I expected once and a while a note or two. instead the binding was completely broken and the pages sticking out of the book. that is not what I call ''good condition''. I would call that bad condition. because I was expecting and good copy for a used book. instead I found a big peace of junk. I would make the review used BAD condition. so ''good condition'' to the review is BAD condition to everyone else in this world. I WAS NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!

  • femanon - For when you want all devices right next to you, at once !

    Zookki USB Charger is a very good quality device. It worked out so well for me. Earlier I struggled so much since there are only two places to plug in right next to my bed, but this one has 6 plug in ports which gave me so much space to plug in everything I wanted. Now my two cellphones, tablet, watch, night lamp, etc. could all be at the same place, and charged together! It is super convenient to use, and reduces so much clutter, and need for extension cords. It also delivers more than enough power to charge everything at once, very quickly, which is amazing for such a small device! The quality of this product is also pretty decent, while the price is modest, which makes it a must have device for all tech savvy people. It also comes with a power cord. As Zookki states, it could save you from "Socket war", which is hilarious, but very true. I would highly recommend this to everyone who has just too many devices and wants all of them to be right next to them at one time, whether it is your bed or your armchair, or office desk! I was lucky enough to receive a promotional code for this multi-port charger, but my review is unaffected by that.

  • Lahela K. - Like it alot.

    Before I begin my review of this product, I first wanted to point out that I've always been a long-term user of the Microsoft Office 2010, until as of late, when it started freezing randomly while in the middle of typing up documents and slowing down when trying to save--very annoying. Initially, I was in the market for possibly purchasing the 2013 Office Suite, until I came across this---Microsoft Office 2016 and had to try it. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive about trying the latest Office edition, because of both negative reviews and because I was worried it would be like the Office 365. However, I took the plunge and splurged on the 2016 edition. Like another user had mentioned, I too, experienced a very long delay in the download/install process. It wasn't until I tried, at the other reviewer's suggestion, turning off my computer's firewall (temporarily) to reinstall office 2016, and having it actually work! I actually like the new Office and found that it is essentially similar in the interface with respect to my beloved 2010 edition, which was a bonus. Even though I opted for the "download to PC" rather than receiving a "PC code key", my purchase still came with the key (via email), even though I never had to use it. Rather, after you download and install this on computer, your computer automatically recognizes the product key and saves you from having to enter it. I also found that while you do need a Microsoft (or Hotmail/Outlook) email address in order to download, you don't need to stay signed in with it when using the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. And just to clarify: This purchase is for the Microsoft Office 2016 ---NOT the Office 365, which means this is a one time permanent purchase, whereas the 365 requires a subscription for renewal. Also, if you opt for the download to PC option, just follow the instructions to download from Microsoft Store (NOT the Amazon link)......Or, if you opted for the product key, you'll get your key code sent to you by regular mail and then just follow instructions for that.