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  • Charles K. Gorga - Excellent

    We received it on time and in perfect condition ! I used to be the product for a living room chair and basket ! My cat sleeps on it all them time an looked it. We got the hair off first . I used the spray and followed

  • spacefrost - If you're sensitive, want fluoride but dont want SLS, this product is for you

    Very good toothpaste. After using natural /organic toothpaste for a few years my teeth got worse and a lot more sensitive. My dentist wanted me to get back to fluoride and potassium nitrate (really helps with sensitivity). He gave me one with SLS but im not afan, SLS used to give me canker sores, so im glad i found this option without SLS (most toothpastes have it, it has no business being in toothpaste, its a shampoo/dishwashing liquid degreasing foaming ingredient). Taste is nice and mild

  • Momma Cass - Awesome product. I use mine everyday for water and ...

    Awesome product. I use mine everyday for water and it keeps it cool even after sitting in a hot car. Love it. Customer service was so awesome and when mine shipped without a straw they resolved the problem the same day. A+ :)

  • Song & Game - Meh....get something else

    I agree whole heartedly with the Review NutWiiSystem left. Really calculating the results are spotty. You are doing it right, but she still berates you. At the start of each exercise, Jillian jumps right into the exercise while you are still getting situated with either putting on the Wii remote or turning the balance board the correct way. The Jenny McCarthy workout with the camera is a lot better at determining your accuracy. I'm returning my Jillian Michaels after trying our for 4 days.

  • Scarlett Ian - Stepdaddy dearest..

    Whew the chemistry in this book was intense. Max & Lola Grace are so perfect for each other. I'll be honest when I first started reading the book I wasn't getting the warm fuzzies about Max's character. I wanted him to be with Lola Grace so badly and I didn't understand why he would go through with this loveless marriage; there were also times when Lola Grace was acting like a brat so I wasn't sure if she was mature enough to be with Max.