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  • Stephanie Cummons - NO Boo's for this Halloween Treat!

    Halloween Haunts or Tricks and Treats, I absolutely love a holiday story! Halloween Treats is a cute story with hot scenes that gives us a little bit of everything we love from AR books. Jack is a total alpha, not even bossing but completely mapping out his relationship with Raven. She's a great heroine whose heart and self confidence are released faster than her Harley Quinn costume after a school party! With it being such a short story it's a fun read to knock out in a few hours. The added bonus are the books bundled into the packet for a great .99 price! If you're a new AR reader it introduces you to some of their work or if you're already a fan it gives you a chance to reread some of your favorites!

  • C. Siano - The BateryMinder brand seemed to have good reviews, seemed to last

    I used to have several Battery Tender Jr devices that I used to maintain my tractor, motorcycle, scooter, power grader, and a couple other small equipment batteries. This worked, but required me to buy a device per battery and the power wasn't really enough to charge a battery that had been sitting a while if it was needed. Also, the jr's seemed to need to be replaced about every 8 years for something. I've had an LED stop working, wires break, and one just stop working. Not cheap to keep replacing them.

  • rrrr - Excellent video and sound.

    Great performances. I was very impressed. Would recommend it to anyone who like blues/rock Steve Luthaker was awesome, as was Joe Walsh

  • M. Havens - Let it be known! ONLY the most worthy, shall dawn the legendary Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

    (DISCLAIMER) The epic journey I'm about to take you on will be that which no mere mortal can withstand. You see, one does not choose The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt; it is The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt that chooses you. The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt does not bestow its magical and unprecedented powers to just anyone. One must earn the right. One can earn the right if and ONLY if: in your lifetime you have continually walked the righteous path that only the noblest of gentleman have taken; If your soul is purer than any diamond known to man; if you're willing to protect its mysterious and supernatural secrets; if you're willing to undertake the enormous responsibility one must endure with all its immense power; and if you're willing to pay the $15.99 plus shipping and handling.