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  • tmetz60 - over produced

    sorry..but this does not cut it! Way over produced. Sounds like a cover band. Missing that raw edge from the original.

  • Ron O. - The Best

    This product exceeded my expectations. Having tried other "over the drain" strainer type hair catchers, I was frustrated with the slow water drain. The TubShroom does an excellent job of trapping my wife's long hair and my shortish hair while maintaining a normal drain flow. The topper for me was how effective it is in trapping my dog's short hair (I just gave her a bath today). The clockwise rotation of the draining water causes the hair to neatly wrap around the device until you remove it. This product works so well that I am planning to purchase another one for my other shower/tub.

  • Stephen CA - They didn't fit

    They just fall right off. I've been buying a hubcap a year for my sienna. I figured I would try 4 of the cheap ones. Never again. I'll stick with genuine toyota parts.

  • D. Auffret - I got over 10 and all worked fine

    I have purchased this printer for a business, and they have worked fine. They were easy enough to setup, and had them working with our online POS in next to no time.

  • FloridaTechie - Great components for the price, Strong Frame

    I spent a long time researching hardtail 29er bikes when I decided to buy one. The LBS had bikes in my price range but with inferior component groups and mechanical rather than hydraulic disc brakes.The Diamondback had the best component group and hydraulic disc brakes for the price I wanted to pay. 10 speed cassette for this price is unheard of. The frame got wonderful reviews online and I agree it is solid. Assembling the bike is more complicated than road bikes because of the disc brakes and a more detailed instruction guide would have been helpful. The brake pads squeal some as they are braking in but the noise stopped after about 20 miles. Rolls over everything in its path and faster climbing than my old 26inch dual suspension Trek. The ride is bumpier because it is a hardtail but is considerably lighter. I have read that 29ers can be slower to turn in tight situations but did not find that to be the case with mine. My only complaint is the cheap seat that came with the bike. I also replace the pedals immediately with clip ins. Good value on Amazon.

  • Jeff - ok with replacement wheels

    noticed bad vibration in front wheels on anything but indoor super smooth surfaces. contacted UppaBaby and was told it was due to a manufacturing defect with the front wheels. they sent us new wheels which fixed the problem. so solid marks for customer service. nice stroller otherwise. looks nice. folds and unfolds super easy. quite a few moving parts, so hopefully it will hold up long-term. not sure it's worth the cost relative to other much less expensive alternatives. baby doesn't seem to notice the difference between this and the $15 walmart special.

  • Myrrh - Too much shock and awe!

    As a kid, I remember enjoying the Guinness book of world records we had but it was nothing like the garbage they've come up with today. This book features too many images which are inappropriate for kids - most facial piercings (over 200), most body modifications (man with chiseled teeth, tattoos, piercings), tattoos over nearly 100% of a woman's body, most famous celebrities featuring Lady Gaga repeatedly, most knives thrown at another person (woman with multiple tattoos pinned to a board with knives which had been thrown all around her stuck into the board), man holding up 30 pounds of weights with hooks through his skin. Violent and scary images abound. It seems like anyone can obtain a place in the record book for any kind of oddity. I bought it for my 10 year old thinking it would be educational and cool and was very disappointed in its content. I would not recommend this if you are thinking about buying it for your children. We also have the 2014 edition and it seems to have a little less of the piercings and violent images, but still it feels like an advertisement for shock and awe television. Garbage! Parents beware.