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  • Steve B. - Great for Laminate floors

    Great for laminate floors. Our cleaning lady uses this for her jobs and we couldn't be happier with the results.

  • LCarp27 - Just Dance 2015: Workout and fun in one!

    This new edition features more songs for a wider range of ages than previous ones. There are numerous ones baby boomers like myself will enjoy dancing to for a great workout, plenty of pop songs for the younger generations, and even several kiddos younger than the recommended age of 10 will delight in dancing to.

  • Amused - The Itch from Hell.

    This product causes my scalp itch to a degree that I never knew was humanly possible. Literally it's like the itch demon fairy princess from hell came and was digging into your scalp with an "itch-wand" that has needles at its ends dabbed with poison. I kid you not. This doesn't occur right when I put it on, but I'll get itch attacks during the day. And when these attacks occur, dare you even touch one follicle of hair in the area where the Rogaine was applied, the painful scratchy sensation increases a thousand fold. In other words, it itches like crazy, but if you try to scratch it, you will see the gates of Hell looming before you, as it punishes you for even attempting to try to relieve some pressure off your head.

  • T. L. - POOR!

    I think the name is just hype. I've been on the hunt for fat burners and (this is going to sound silly) but I can't swallow pills (I know!) so I open capsules and drink them. Doing this for so long, I know good ingredients when I taste them. These pills hardly have a taste like most other pills, except the fact Shredz has a crap load of cayenne pepper in it. Because of this, they say it has a thermo effect and promotes weight loss....ya cuz of the cayenne pepper, big deal! I stopped taking it after 2 weeks and now sits on my shelf. Very disappointed and no wonder why fitness competitors no longer work with them.

  • Darryl Douglas - Goos for carbs

    I purchased this product to clean the carbs in my 1999 Yamaha Vmax motorcycle. I used about 4 ounces per fill up for 3 full ups and by the 3rd fill up you could definitely notice that it ran smoother.

  • John Worth - Very good product.

    Second one of these I've bought...that should say what I think about this bumper protector. It fits the curve of the rear bumper perfectly and the lip fits snugly. The lip and "full coverage" are factors that distinguish this from the stock Ford cover, as these features provide full protection for the rear bumper. Very good product.

  • Karen O'Toole - Slush mats

    Just what my husband needed and wanted. Mats came just in time for our first snow. They will keep the car floors clean now.