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  • camin - please vote or like this.

    I totally noticed a difference in my endurance after taking these supplements. It is wise to incorporate a healthy alternative in your life to pick up in areas where your diet lacks.

  • gbnikto - Word 2011 with upgrades ail not work on Mac running mountain lion

    I have used Word for years on Macs. Until I bought my new IMAC with OS 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) I never had a problem. I purchased the latest incantation of Word (2012 - which came in a box labeled 2011 (?)), installed it, downloaded all the upgrades and it simply will not run. I contacted Microsoft and the helpful guru even took over my computer remotely and failed. Word will initially bring up a draft document then immediately crashes. I suspect the problem lies with Mountain Lion. Microsoft has not seen fit to tweek Word so it will run on the new Mac OS.

  • Brian S - Great song

    One of Elton John's classic songs. Brings back great memories. Whats not to like and the price is great as well.

  • Mike Del - This stuff works!!!!

    I bought it, I used it, I love it! I bought the 1 gallon size because of the price break and the fact that it has no shelf life (it keeps forever!). The 1 gallon concentrate makes 6 gallons of product. I used all 6 gallons. When you see the results that you get, you keep finding more things to use it on. Read and follow the directions. I'll repeat that, because it bears repeating: Read and follow the directions. This is not an instant gratification experience. You just spray it on, soaking the problem areas and forget about it. The lighter green algae was gone in a week. The heavier green areas may take a month. The black areas may take several months. In return you get protection that will prevent a return of moss, mold and mildew for a year. If you have moss that resembles ground cover, brush it off first. Apply to a dry surface, when rain isn't expected for at least 5 hours. You want the product to fully dry before it gets wet again by the elements. It requires the action of the rain, wind and sun to function. Don't expect it to work where the elements can't get at the area you sprayed. I'm going to get more of this stuff...it makes things look new again, with only little effort.

  • Deena Williams - best in a blender

    this powder doesn't taste the best in just plain water, at least to me. when i first got it i poured the powder in a water bottle and shook it. It doesn't dissolve fully that way. There won't be big clumps but it will be grainy and you'll have to shake it if you notice it settling on the bottom, which it does if you don't drink it fast. Now I put it in the blender with milk and bananas. Sometimes I also add chopped pineapple and a sprinkle of fresh cinnamon bark. Milk and fresh fruit makes it very enjoyable.

  • Amy J. Brooks - Will purchase again

    This stuff is the BOMB! I purchased this at a mall in Charlotte for $30 (supposedly that was his discounted price). So I'm glad to find this online at such an affordable price. I am prone to cystic acne and this helps to remove the dead skin on top of the cyst so that it resolves itself much more quickly.