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  • Jene' B. - Excellent Kit

    Vacuum kit included makes cleanup easy on my 16x48 pool. Should come standard with all above ground pool kits. I do think I paid a bit to much for mine at the time $46 but it was worth it. Should be able to use it for many years.

  • Micki Waddell - It really is "liquid gold!"

    The Acure certified organic Argan Oil is the most amazing thing I've ever put on my face. I have acne scars and am still prone to break outs in my late 30's. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Argan Oil have minimized break outs and if I do get a blemish it generally disappears overnight. My scars appear less dramatic and I have received so many compliments on how good my complexion looks!

  • Shells - So Far great coverage.

    So far so good, I just received this and quickly set it up in AP mode since I have a duel wan router which is fully configured for open ports and wan balance. The satellite synced immediately and so far I have not noticed a low signal. Unfortunately I think I have to contact both my carriers xfinity and vivent to shut down their built in wifi on their modems but it is strong enough that i haven't noticed any effect from the wifi signals from either modem. I need to play around with the configurations to fully experiment with all it can do but in ap mode I am sure this is limited. I am excited to hopefully finally have a trouble free wifi long range broadcasting network, the cost is high but compared to the many different routers and extenders and antenneas I have purchased trying to stableize and extend my network it is worth the cost. I will probably purchase additional satellite units in the future when they are available just to make sure ever inch of my property is covered. I look forward to using this system in our business after testing it and confirming it is stable and long reaching and once they update the firmware to include a guest network isolated from your local lan network.

  • Marshall - looks good!

    Not a dark smoke, more like lightly tinted, def. not clear though. Has a dark chrome inside to help darken and still keep light bright.

  • My Favorite Pastime - the candidate

    Erica Sparks is still working for GNN. Her ratings are doing well and now she is set to cover the next presidential election. Mike Ortiz was a former prisoner of war in Iraq who miraculously escaped his captors. Now Mike is one of the presidential hopefuls. Erica always seems to be in the perfect spot to catch the latest headlines. When one of the other candidates and his wife are killed in a bombing, Erica witnesses it firsthand. In the midst of her investigation Erica gets an inkling that there is something mechanical and fake about Mike and his wife Celeste. Once more Erica's life is put on the line for her job, will she be able to prove her fears or, die trying?

  • RicoTX - Decent Quickbooks Alternative

    I have always used Quickbooks for my small business accounting, so Sage was quite a change for me. I hadn't seen Peachtree in years, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It looks like a decent accounting package, and I had no trouble using it. It took me a little while to get used to where everything is since I am so used to Quickbooks. They do seem to try and sell you other products, which is a turn off for me. I am not using the latest edition of Quickbooks, but as of 2012, QB did not push other products on you.

  • Kathy - A Great Workout

    Jillian Michaels 2010 Ultimatum is very good. I get a workout and I am not a beginner in exercise. I have only done the circuits - unfortunately there are only two. A person can "design" their own if they choose to. She has you running on a beach, going through a jungle, passing a waterfall, etc. to warm up. After running, Jillian leads you to different parts of the jungle for the different exercises. I like the workout I get. I know graphics are important to a lot of people - yes, they are very good. I have read in some of the reviews about not being able to learn the different exercises from the video. I have had no problem with this. You pause it with your wii remote and it will be explained OR you can also look in the booklet. Patience is the key to learning anything new. While I paid full price I do not regret it. $20 is a bargain!