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  • BlackhawkFan - Worse than incompetent.

    BD used to be good. I've run this program for several years. Late 2014, I got hacked several times with unauthorized purchases against my debit card. End of 2014, BD screwed up my OS so bad I couldn't access Hotmail. Had to switch to Chrome.

  • SueBee - Pregnant!!! It works!!!

    I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago. My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year with no luck. I saw great reviews for Pregnitude, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try it. I don't have pcos, but at my age I thought perhaps my egg quality could use some help. I haven't even finished the second box and I'm pregnant!!! I have NO DOUBT that pregnitude works to improve egg quality! I don't write many reviews, but I just had to write this one. I hope it gives someone else hope. It really works! I'm overjoyed and excited! I never thought I would be able to get pregnant again and now I am!

  • T. L. - Love it

    This grinder works well and seems to be of very good quality. I like the options of size and amount of coffee to grind.

  • Amazon Customer - Works well, reliable, and inexpensive

    I use this frequently for almost a year, and it has been pretty reliable. I connected this to 2 hot wires by accident, and it gave strange readings, but nothing was damaged.

  • 1skeptic - Do your research

    I researched the information because I thought losing the weight in 8 days sounded really great...even though I had a personal trainer for 2 years and had spoken with health professionals and they recommended 2-3 pounds per week was a realistic and HEALTHY goal. I was sent to a website and saw the startup for the initial kit was about $250.00...very expensive for a single mom. I also began looking at the ingredients and warning label and was SHOCKED. It said it was not safe for anyone under 17 and not recommended for pregnant/nursing moms. Some of the distributors on their personal websites were saying the opposite of what's on the product label!!! Also, it listed a number of illnesses such as high blood pressure, recurrent headaches, etc and said people who suffer from these should NOT use the why are there testimonials of people saying they use the product and have been cured by it? I could find no medical professionals on their website and I did not find any clinical studies or results from the same ANYWHERE on their website. Aside from all this information...the last line on the product label (xyng) stated that it could cause athletes to have test results positive for drug screenings. Ummm, thanks but I will pass. As a Soldier in the Army I cannot afford to throw away my 10+ year career over this (or any) product. Good luck to those that use it and lost the weight. I hope there are no side effects that come out in the next couple of years.