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  • Healing laser, allergies treatments, Allergy Antidotes, Ask and Receive | Catherine Davies - I use Allergy Antidotes, Ask and Recieve, EFT, Meta Medicine, Ho'oponopono and Quantum Touch to help clear allergies.
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  • The Allergy Kit | Catherine Davies - I came across The Allergy Kit after learning Sandi Radsomski's Allergy Antidotes and using similar techniques to help my partner get rid of his hay fever. I
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  • NAET V The Allergy Kit | Catherine Davies - NAET and The Allergy Kit both use energy medicine to eliminate allergies but they are quite different. Here's a list to make it easy for you to compare.
  • Healing Laser | Catherine Davies - I wouldn't be without my healing laser. It can be used for so many things from working with allergies to pain relief to healing and rejuvenating the skin.....
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  • Self Help Books List | Catherine Davies - A great reference book written by Louise Hay. I use it to help me look at what the underlying thought processes might be that are causing or contributing to my
  • Contact Us | Catherine Davies - If you would like to contact me please fill in this form and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. If the matter is urgent please type 'URGENT' and
  • Testimonials | Catherine Davies -   "Am SO grateful to you and the fact that you want to share this info and help people. It's so easy and can help so many people....LOVE IT. I'm 41 and
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  • Can 'Healthy Food' Make Your Hay Fever Worse? | Catherine Davies - Proteins in certain pollens is similar to that found in some so called 'healthy foods'. When you eat them they can trigger hay fever symtoms.

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  • David P. - I do feel like I sleep better

    I do feel like I sleep better, and also I have noticed that my arms don't fall asleep as often (I'm a side sleeper) so I do less tossing and turning to return blood flow (used to be 3 or 4 times a night, now it's 1 or less).

  • Mike - so far so good I waited about 4-5 days to give the review ...

    so far so good I waited about 4-5 days to give the review and if it fails to work later down the road I will fix this, but I had a fairly bad leak, about a 1/2 gallon to a gallon of coolant lost a week along with some oil poured some of this in a truck I'd rather not work on cause of it being older than I am with lots of other issues and so far so good!

  • Harry Morgan - Five Stars

    Excellent product for difficult jobs. Especially if you need to glue mixed materials such as plastic to glass.