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  • Denise T777 - Would probably work great on kids' nails, did ok on mine.

    IMHO, these clippers seem to be more for kids nails which aren't as strong as adults, or maybe my nails are just very strong. The directions say to soak your fingernails for 30 seconds before using. It warns to dry your nails thoroughly though before using the clippers. After soaking, it worked OK on most of my nails except my thumbnails which are very hard. It requires 2 AA batteries. You turn it on, it has a light to help you see and you stick your nail into a slot on the end which has some kind of rotating blade recessed into it so it's safe. It leaves your nails a little jagged, but if you turn the unit over, it has a filer which smooths the nail. It's a little noisy for such a little unit.

  • Danny Speer - Great Gift

    I gave the golf balls to a friend as a gift for being kind. He loves them and uses them as his own, now!

  • Shane - Very happy with floor mats !

    Fit was perfect. They have the holes for factory retainer brakets and stay where they should. Very good looking too. Shipped with good packing . Original OEM product.

  • milncraig - Very helpful!

    Very helpful for catching up on lost time. I stopped making databases over 10 years ago and had to make one up for my job. This came in very handy!