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  • Martha R. Boland - Abreva works!

    Have used this before and found best price here (as it can be expensive). I always have a tube on hand to stop cold sores as they as well as oral prescription acyclovir (sp?). Highly recommend - just keep on had always.

  • Susan Boyer - Amazingly effective

    I'm not one to write reviews, but this product worked within two hours. It was nearly a miracle. Without getting too personal, I was struggling with menorrhagia lasting more than 20 days. The progesterone and vitamin k in this product was exactly what I needed and it worked. Highly recommended to anyone with same issue.

  • A different opinion - A different opinion

    I fully understand how very intelligent people who do not have advance financial training would find this book overly complicated. This is not the sort of book you read in bed -- it is a text book. But it is one the most useful on my shelf. I refer to it constantly.

  • kkgotchall - Works on concrete and wood too!

    Moved into a house with a large walk out basement. It was a great space but the ugly stinky 1970s made it unlivable. We immediately pulled up the carpet and were horrified that the cat pee had penetrated the carpet/pad and seeped into the concrete foundation. In the corners it even absorbed into the base trim and framing. A couple of years and remodeling projects later it was time to tackle the unused basement. We tried everything on the market and all the home "remedies" in the world to get the stench out. I really thought we made a mistake by buying the house because the basement could not be saved.

  • J. T. Theby - They just don't work

    I had been using an Epivac product, but lost the last cork. Looked at great reviews of this product and ordered. It just doesn't work. The vacuum seal doesn't last 24 hours. Is it me? Purchased another Epivac kit which doesn't have very good reviews. It will keep the seal for a week(not that you would wait that long).