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  • Tamcan - The item was great

    but my husband, even though self taught over the last 6-8 months, was already much more advanced. he lost interest pretty quick because it was making him do beginner stuff without the option to skip over it. he did not have the patience to go backwards and then work up - he wanted to go to the advanced playing and it would not let we gave it away

  • G. Bocker - If you liked Roxio's Video Lab HD, you'll love this software, too!

    Within a year I've become a big fan of Roxio's video editing and DVD burning products. I used to have Nero 8 and Pinnacle Studio 9 but they kept crashing my Windows XP desktop, even after I doubled the memory to 1GB. They rarely put out a DVD that didn't have screen-freezes and playback errors. I had much better luck with Roxio's Video Lab HD but I lost my XP computer to a power supply/motherboard failure and that software doesn't work in Windows 7. Now that I have Creator 2011...and Win7 desktop with 6GB of RAM...I'm again getting some dusty VHS videocassettes digitized, edited, and burned to DVDs again. I know that it's an older software now, but I've never been one to buy on first-day releases. I wait for bargains and Amazon has dozens of them. I'm probably going to be a Roxio customer as long as I continue to edit video.

  • T.willy - offers opinions

    This book is a really useful addition to your college application references. Rather than list only dry statistics, he offers opinions about the colleges regarding the campus, faculty, students, and attitudes, based on surveys. He may show some bias here and there, but it is still useful to get insight about schools which can help us narrow down our choices. Note that not every college in the US is included, so there will be some schools you may be interested in which are not in this book.

  • Atsin Drawde - What an awesome Invention

    This is such an awesome invention and perfect for anyone who owns an SUV or truck and rarely uses the tow box. I've been looking for secure exterior key storage for a long time. I think this is the perfect solution. Now I need something like this for a car with no tow hitch.

  • SciFi Fan of fans - What a lovely surprise

    I quite enjoyed this light fantasy novel and quite looking forward to the rest of the series. A little magic, a touch of sexy times, nice safe violence, quite a number of fun things. Things resolved quite rapidly at the end, but enough strings left to hang more stories. Thanks!

  • matkins - I'll go back to Colgate Brilliant.

    I only use this once a day...and only in the shower (it's a messy activity). I've only been using it about 10 days, so that may not be enough time to notice a difference. I'll continue another two weeks, and if I still can't see the difference, I'll go back to Colgate Brilliant.

  • Willaton - Works great

    Works great and easy to use right after you clean your Trumpet or if your valve starts to stick, Easy to carry around in your case too.