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    I felt this movie was more of a 2.5 than 3. I felt like the potential was there, but the characters were actually a bit of an annoyance. Kirsten Wiig's character was just over the top, but not in a fun way. She got annoying. She self abased constantly, and for long after it was meant to be funny. In once scene she is fired for showing she believes in ghost while trying to land a prestigious position at an acclaimed University. She is carrying a box of her stuff and "explaining" to everyone she passes in the hallway, students too, that she is just doing this or that with her box of goods. She humbly mumbles, and not with a few people, but everyone in the hall (about 10 people or more). By the time she reached the end of the hall, the joke was over...around with the 2nd or 3rd person. But on and on they kept her going. And this was how she was throughout the film. Incrediby annoying... This movie couldn't get out of it's own way on comic timing and knowing how not to overdo a scene. The brains, Kate McKinnon, was SO OVER THE TOP annoying that it was hard to listen to her. She spoke in the weirdest way and it did not lend to her being the brains of the outfit at all. Not even in a mad scientist sort of way. Melissa McCarthy was the character I felt carried the others the most. I was even excited to see Chris Hemsworth play a funny role, but they made him beyond stupid, and he was completely unbelievable as that. He was the Rick Moranis in this...except Rick Moranis was funny. He could get his character across in a way that was hilarious. Chris I think was made to act stupid and I think he just didn't pull it off...although he tried. Maybe part of it was the script, because he really didn't add to the team. In the original Ghostbusters, every character that came on the team became an integral part of it. I know they had acting greats in the first one, and maybe that is why we are spoiled. The nicest thing about this was all the cameos with the originals that made us really MISS the original movie. Seeing the ones who were in a great first version, we realized how sorely lacking this one was.

  • K. Casey - It really helps!

    I've had pain in my lower back/right hip area for about 15 years. I ended up buying this machine because going to the chiropractor several times a month was getting very expensive. This thing has definitely saved me several trips to the chiro, effectively paying for itself after a couple of years. It doesn't *prevent* pain, but neither does the chiropractor. It alleviates even my severe pain enough for me to get "Back 2 Life" in as little as 12 minutes. I think it's a worthwhile purchase for anyone with chronic lower back pain.

  • Sarah E Lenssen - I love this Biotin!

    I was having some serious hair loss issues. I would get out of the shower and brush my hair and so much would fall out. It was very upsetting. My brush, after just one brushing, would look like I hadn't cleaned it in six months - that's how much hair I was losing. Then I found Natrol Biotin and started using it with 

  • Pen Name - Works like the big one for satellite radio.

    This little antenna works just as well as the much larger antenna I took off my car. It doesn't flop around like to old one and fits in perfectly to the old hole.

  • Brett - Lasted less than three months.

    This router lasted less than 3 months, it just quit working. Power was on, but network would not recognize the device. Good thing I kept my old Linksys router.