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  • Amazon Customer - Not the best reference book I've owned

    I bought this as a reference and it is really set up more like a tutorial. It does a great job of being a tutorial but I really just needed a quick reference to the syntax of a given function. This one is not organized for that very well.

  • Bobenny - Great Music

    This was a selection I made for a section of a fishing/hunting DVD I made for my husband & his friends of 20 years. Great in the fishing section. Love the music anyway.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Narrow

    I bought the Metrolyte Gel shoes in a 9 and they were very comfy but too big, so I sent them back. They didn't have the Metrolyte Gel available in an 8.5 so I ordered these Metrolytes in an 8.5. They were too narrow. I do have a wide foot, but not too wide. I don't purchase wide sized shoes or anything like that. So I sent the 8.5 back and ordered the 9 thinking that it would be just enough extra room to make these shoes comfortable. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I love the style of these shoes and I really wanted to love them but I would say, unless you have narrow feet, I wouldn't recommend these shoes.

  • D. Fisher - NOT worth the wait (or the price)

    A lot of noise has been made about the time it took for this game to be developed and released, and I was just as anxious as anybody. What a letdown. Firstly, people should know that Diablo 1 & 2 were NOT made by Blizzard, but rather by a different group of developers that Blizzard bought out and called "Blizzard North". Those guys started working on Diablo 3 shortly after the D2 expansion was released, but Blizzard's owner, Vivendi, wanted something less dark/gothic and more marketable. So they pretty much forced Blizzard North to scrap several years worth of progress on D3. As a result, most of the developers at Blizzard North left the company. Blizzard essentially started over on D3.

  • Mary - A good primer for political readers

    The story line is divided into "Books' - One for Obama and a much longer one that explores the Republicans running , and the a third one for the actual election. IT is slower moving than Game change and seems to have been written during his time as a newspaper reporter during the campaign. It is workman like, and a good reading, but lacking in the shocking revelations of Game Change and Double down. It also includes a description of the changes wrote by Super Pacs and how they have changed campaigning.

  • **** - Jacobites

    A young Scotsman is imprisoned at Fort William. Helping him to escape is the daughter of the prison commander. Love between a Scots heir and an English miss doesn't thrive very easily when hatred and revenge become the ultimate test of survival. Good read.