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  • debskiluv - DISASTER

    I was so excited to purchase this product. I brought it from Target. I used it once and I was thrilled. Everything they said it would do, it did. Until the second time I used it. The motor completely stop working. I was totally disappointed. The product listed as the motor will reset itself after an hour "if it gets overheated". It wasn't overheated because it did two spins and that was it. I waited several hours and it never started again.

  • AlishaB3 - Convenient and compact

    I really like it. I wish I had bought it on Amazon. I paid $50 at CVS. I prefer this over the icy hot brand tens unit because it takes triple A batteries, which are cheap and easy to get. The other tens machines available take watch batteries which are more expensive over time because they store a smaller charge and require more frequent replacement.

  • That guy - as advertised

    I have since found cheaper, textured black ones that I would have preferred. (These are gloss black) But at the time these were all I could find. Love the look. Very sturdy. But paid too much for my second choice.

  • Piquer - 10 years of Gorillaz

    A good CD and DVD compiling the best hits of Gorillaz in last 10 years in a chronological way. Good to have if you want to know what is Gorillaz about or if you are a fan how wants the best in a CD/DVD.

  • Rachel - Leapfrog LeapPad

    I bought a LeapPad for each of my 4yr old twins and they love them. I love them because they are both fun and educational. My girls are learning how to write the letters of the alphabet using one of the learning games and they both love the shake and blowing into the microphone features of some of the games. Great product that they won't grow out of too fast. I would definitely recommend to others.

  • Jerrie Pegg - Love it for the grandkids

    Used it for the first time today. Love it for the grandkids, 5 and 7 yrs old. Comfortable to sit in but still gives a good ride. Seems very well made and hoping it will last for a long time.

  • brenda lee - My Last Kaspersky purchase!

    Will not purchase Kaspersky Internet Security again. I liked it and was using it for a number of years and had just purchased and installed it on my new laptop Toshiba Satellite and on 8th May 2016 clicked onto a site on Facebook only to have my new laptop lock up from a virus/malicious attack and then had to pay $200. to get technical help from Toshiba to remove it off my laptop. With this Kaspersky Internet Security it should have never happen the technician said and she also found quite a bit of other issues that fell threw the cracks due to Kaspersky as well!