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  • Amber Middelfart - I'm actually surprised by how much I love this!!

    I just recieved this stroller and already love it!!! I already own the maclaren triumph (purchased about a year ago), and wanted another as a backup since we use umbrella style so much. I almost pirchased another triumph, but I am so glad I didn't!! The glite is so much better! Sturider frame, larger sundshade, smoother ride, easier to fold/close, stands up when folded/closed ... If you're debating between this and the maclaren, do yourself a favor and choose this!!!!!

  • Kelly C. - I love this set, it's a great starter kit for newbies to essential oils or a great travel set for those who use them regularly!

    I love this essential oil set. It came quickly and was exactly as described. All 6 different scents have been used in our house for various things.

  • Jillory - Multi use that can save your life!!!!!

    Oh boy, don't get me started! There are so many ways to use this product! It is great in the garden to keep bugs off your plants. And it is edible so you don't have to worry about toxins. You can put a little in your face cream and have a fine exfoliate, Sprinkle it around ant trails and it will get rid of them. Give it to your pets and farm animals in their feed to kill parasites. Kills fleas on pets and carpets. My favorite use is to take a heaping table spoon once or twice a day. This is done by putting it either half a glass of water, stir and has a light flavor of the smell of rain on cement. or you can put it in a bit of orange juice etc. my favorite way of taking it is either in a milk shake or just chocolate milk. But water suits me fine. Another words, it is not hard to get down. Benefit's are amazing, as you will find your finger nails to grow very fast and strong. It is good for growing your hair. Good for your skin, digestion and other physical factors, but what impresses me the most is how it fights and kills parasites...yes, human parasites. We all have them. I was shocked to see the results and how many different parasites we can carry and not know. It reduced my abdominal gas because parasites give off waste and gasses. I lost six pounds the first few weeks. I will forever take this in my diet. Yes, parasites will play havoc on your life and you don't even know it. They are stealthy devils within. Once you see the results, you will be shocked. just look up human parasites on your search engine and you will find videos of them including liver flukes. I flushed out hundreds of them and did not even know I had them. They lay eggs by the thousands. You will also find that when you type in "human parasites and diatomaceous Earth Food Grade" You will see all the information and testimonies regarding its benefits. Once you know, you will not want to wait another day to join the fight against the monsters within. And you have so many uses for it. Only thing to be cautious about: DO NOT BREATH IT IN. It is a very dry and fine dust and can be damaging to your lungs. But as long as you are careful about that, it is the best!!!!! : )

  • Amazon Customer - If you dont buy it you're like tue flyers... you suck

    Must have for pens fans. Great production. I couldn't wait until next season to see the penguins kick butt again. Nice in blu ray. Cool special features

  • Shawn D - 5 star

    absolute must for any vehicle, second vehicle Ive installed them into and wouldn't have any other company's product. go big or go home

  • Tobias Mann - You get what you pay for. Cheap, defective, Bait and Switch?

    There are a lot of things wrong with this product. First on the list. It doesn't work as advertised. I may have received a defective set, but that isn't the end of my problems. Based on the pictures of the product, what I received is not the same as what others may have when they wrote their reviews. The product was labeled DOT, it was not plug-and-play (without a load resister I suspect, hyper flash was a big issue.). The light pattern was inconsistent with what was advertised, but this was noted in the reviews. Perhaps the most damning reason I am returning this product is just during the time it took me to install them, determine that they weren't plug and play compatible with my Jeep, condensation built up under both lenses. One of the tail lights had arrived with a small crack around the lens near one of the screw holes, but he other did not have any sign of damage. Further criticism, the product was "vacuum sealed" using hot glue? I don't doubt that this product had great reviews, I simply believe the product I received is not the same as the one everyone else did. Needless to say I have returned them.