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  • Word Warrior - continuing support ripoff

    Once you have the Sage 50 (Peachtree) they bill you annually $499.00, won't answer their phone, give you no way to stop the support that you don't want or need.

  • Amazon Customer - Do NOT drink this - it's not just "fruits and veggies".

    This product is dangerous for many reasons. 1) It is mostly soy. Major estrogen going on here, with major effects. 2) It contains both meadowsweet and willow bark, both of which are essentially aspirin. Are YOU ready to go on an aspirin regime without knowing it, or telling your doctor? (Also aspirin is dangerous for kids, and I know people are putting this in their kids drinks). I asked my it works rep how much of those are in there, and she didn't know, so she contacted the company. THEY WOULDN'T TELL HER because it was proprietary. So not only are you drugging yourself, you have no idea the dosage. (Goldenseal is in this too, which can affect medication absorption). I knew more about every single ingredient in there than the rep did, she was like "Really? Herbs have side effects? " 3) Super disgusting. Avoid at all costs.

  • Mom E - We like it

    Good book. My son enjoys listening to the CD and "reading" himself. I appreciate the morals at the end of each story.

  • Hillel Kaminsky - Five Stars

    One night Evelyn gets a call from her husband Gary, to drive to his location and pull his car out of a ditch. When she arrives she discovers that her husband is accompanied by a beautiful young woman named Juliette.

  • Ian Macdonald - Know what you're doing

    This has many useful features for the small business owner. The program is set up to constantly funnel you to QuickBooks products--even for things that should be included like attaching documents to a record. This is a BUGGY program and many aspects are very inflexible. You can create forms (invoices, POs, etc.) with your custom logo. The resulting form is very amateurish looking--columns don't line up, cells too small for the text that's supposed to go in them, titles too small to read--there's no way to adjust or tweak this to fit your particular needs. Your troubles have only just begun.

  • Christina Noe - Holy Grail Skin and Hair Care

    I originally bought FungaSoap years ago when I had a patch of ringworm on my arm. I didn't feel like it had a huge effect on how quickly the ringworm when away. I held on to the bottle and then when we learned the cat we'd just adopted this summer had ringworm I got out the bottle and told my husband we should use it preventatively. Neither of us got ringworm and our cat got better quickly thanks to oral meds. In the mean time my husband got hooked on washing his feet with FungaSoap. He said it was eliminating his rough skin. So I came back to Amazon and bought a "value size" bottle so he could keep using it.

  • Chloe - Great book that REALLY helped me study for the GRE

    Great book that REALLY helped me study for the GRE. It gave me lots of questions to practice from and using this tool really made me feel prepared. I did great on the GRE and I was able to get into my number one choice for grad school. Would definitely recommend the book!