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  • js34111 - The Best in the Business

    I bought this for the fit and functionality. Do I think it's worth the price??? Well it has trapped all the water I tracked in living in the Pacific Northwest. I guess quality has a price so I'll have to get over it. The fit is great and I would buy again.

  • Norman - It took less than one week to whitening my underarm skin

    I have been using this whitening cream for less than a week and I already see that my underarm skin got lighter. I shave my hair every 3 days so that my skin got pretty dark. This cream has a unique smell that I remember smelling it from my mom's makeup 20 years ago. It's easily absorbed into my skin and it sure does make my odor a bit lighter than usual. I never heard of the "Shouvy" brand before, but as this cream magically made my underarm skin looks exactly like the skin are around it, I certainly would recommend this to all of my friends and family members in Asia who are obsessing with "white skin" trend.

  • stephen palmer - DO NOT BUY. DO NOT USE.

    This product absolutely does not work as advertised. I was skeptical about this product, but saw some convincing videos (likely from Rustoleum) and decided to try it. Sadly, I did not read these reviews in time. My experience was identical to the other bad reviews, here. I tried the product on new leather shoes, in hopes of weatherproofing them with winter approaching. First off, the fumes from this product (in the first can, especially..) are strong enough to have you lightheaded and dizzy within seconds..and this is with the garage door open. After applying the second can/coating as directed, it was considerably more milky-white than i thought it would be, which was very disappointing on black leather. Upon further inspection, the coating started to flake off with a light touch. So, on the one hand, my shoes look terrible...but the product just flakes off. My hope is that I'll be able to eventually get ALL of it off the shoes. So, to recap, I spent 20 dollars and two hours to spray chemicals on new shoes that dried like Elmers glue and then flaked off. What did you do today?

  • N. M. Widder - This was my savior!

    Unlike others, I'm glad I bought and used it BEFORE I read the reviews! I bought it at Walgreens and it cleaned my tub/shower so well that I no longer feel the need to have a new liner installed! Got rid of all the gunk and hard water stains that were - for the most part - 'baked' on. The glass shower door looks better than ever! And then I tried it on my stainless steel kitchen sink...and it worked great!

  • mother of 3 - Best taffy for short hair

    I have been using this taffy for years. I'm a 40+ yr old mom with a short choppy do (like Halle Barry's hair.) My hair is really thick, but without a good texturizing taffy, it sits on my head like a monk's cap, flat to my head. About a dime sized amount of this stuff, rubbed between my palms and then raked through my hair gives me movable-touchable-but-stays-off-my-head-and-separated texture. I finish with hairspray (doesn't seem to matter what kind) and am good to go for an entire 7 am - 10 pm day. Baseball cap for watching the kids' game? No problem, take off the cap and shake and crunch your fingers through your hair and you can re-shape it again. Seriously. Also, no crispy crispy feel after it dries as I've had with other taffies. This stays movable all day. I get compliments on my hair all the time, and I credit this stuff. Love it. As for the scent, my 10 year old son (and do they every lie?) said one morning watching me do my hair: "mom, I LOVE how your hair stuff smells. I'm glad you wear it." I don't even notice that it has a scent except first thing in the morning when I first put it on." The only time it's not enough is on those 90/90 summer days when the heat, humidity and my own sweat combine to kill every attempt at keeping my hair up.