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  • Fireside - ... day with lots of water and so far so good. I usually have a sensitive stomach and haven't ...

    I've been taking 2 caps a day with lots of water and so far so good. I usually have a sensitive stomach and haven't had any problems with this so far if anything i've taken nootropics in the past and this one holds up to par to the big boys. I've been focused on my work, sometimes too much i work when i get home and keep going to my wifes chagrin. My favorite part about this is the dreams, my dreams have been extremely vivid. I've been putting on youtube app from roku and listening to binaural beats for sleep with the screen off on the tv and have had crazy dreams over the last week that felt so real. still wakeup and feel refreshed so they dont make me feel like i lack sleep. A+

  • Edward Ignash - I would not recommend this to anyone and also should be given a ...

    I deserve a return on this product. You would not believe what this software did to my machine, in fact I cant remember all of it. It would not recall backup list to return computer to earlier condition. It changed settings in my bios. When I browsed for back ups it found them but said they could not work. Thank god I left one back up from a ghost program and booted to disk and was able to restore. I would not recommend this to anyone and also should be given a refund. This was one heck of a waste of money, and witjhout that ghost file would have been a total disaster.Also I just remembered I could not read anything that came to me in PDF mode

  • SirPasta117 - The next generation is finally here.

    The next generation of gaming is here! I have been excited to get my hands on this console since the moment it was announced. The console is beautiful, the controller is top notch, and the Kinect seals the deal.

  • Cole Lambert - Good cleaner

    Good cleaner. I got this for soap scum an hard water buildup. It actually couldn't get everything off as I thought it would. My water is very hard in my home though, so for most houses, it'll probably do juat fine.

  • Amazon Customer - My girl hit 2 balls over the fence in her ...

    My girl hit 2 balls over the fence in her first practce with her new bat. Now let's do it in a game!