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  • Functional Impairment Assessment - Performance Scale Index Equation | - Functional impairment assessment for patients w/ serious illness using Karnofsky Performance Scale. Compares effect of therapies & assesses prognosis.  

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  • Lypiphera - I have made many of them and it was perfect for my harry potter marathon treats

    It has 10 recipes. I have made many of them and it was perfect for my harry potter marathon treats! I might even BUY the whole book to have more options for the next one.

  • judyj5 - Just Dance 2014

    Purchased this as a gift for grandson who received an Xbox one for his birthday. Everyone in family loves it !

  • W., Katie - Not for Lactose Intolerant

    I thought this was a soy based product. Which, I guess it is but it has more whey products than soy. The ingredients are deceiving. It also has an ingredient that slows down digestion, which makes it all the more painful. Again my own fault for not looking at the ingredient list and taking a friends (who is a rep) word for it. I've been mixing them with fruit, peanut butter, mint, oats, coconut milk, almond milk, or rice milk. Vanilla or chocolate taste best. They taste delicious but my stomach is horribly angry. I was going to try to finish out the month but I'm pretty miserable after a week. You will need to eat a small snack between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. For me it depends on what I eat for dinner if I will need a snack the next day or not. Something small like a few crackers or a piece of fruit should do. I'm very glad I decided to buy them on Amazon than from ViSalus. It was around $20 cheaper and free shipping! I'm sure for the correct person these would work great. That is why I did not give the item a bad rating. I also believe there are more healthier products out there.

  • Joey Cervantes - Good if you got seepage

    Used this to stop an oil leak in a 2007 JKUR leak was in a hard to see/reach area. I did an oil change and substituted 1.5 bottles of this and added the remainder of oil capacity. After a few miles I no longer see oil stains in driveway.

  • Radio Man Jim - The Best!

    I've used Kaspersky for years. It is still the best protection. You can greatly lower the cost if you show around. For example, 1 year, 3 PC installations for about $19. Good luck!

  • SVanDee - Mac version can't validate the backup data

    The Mac version of this software is nowhere near comparable to the PC version. If you're planning to use this on a Mac, try it out under the 30 day trial period before you buy it.