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  • Elif - Great price for a smart little video camera

    After reading some reviews on the camera i decided to take the chance and ordered one. Got to say, I'm loving it. It is so light and easy to use. The image quaility is superb. Come with a Li-ion battery which is so nice and it recorded 1 hour 36 minutes of footage before the battery died/. The 270 degree rotation LCD screen is exellent. The manual was clear and after just one read i knew everything i needed to know. There are so many features packed into this, i am very happy with my purchase. Even happy with how fast it turned up

  • CarissaAtGFI - Great if your hardwoods need to be refinished desparately

    I have been using this product every few months for about 5 years. I can only speak to its performance on 65 year old hardwoods that really need to be refinished (virtually no clear coat was left and high traffic areas had almost no stain left.) I could neither afford to refinish properly, nor did I have the time to be out of my house while the dust is flying. I used Old English Scratch Cover to put color back into the wood. (Seriously, I just mixed together their light and dark colors and it matches my 1940's wood pretty darn well- I have the same color floors you often see in the 80s on hardwoods: an orangey, brownish, medium color). I let that dry for about 30 minutes and then I put LIGHT COATS of this Quick Shine on- on my hands and knees, a few feet at a time- with a common kitchen sponge. Usually just 2 coats will do the trick. I think a lot of reviewers are putting on a thick coat and that would make it gummy- also that is likely why it says to do multiple coats. Its like nail polish, you cant cake on a thick coat and expect a nice finish! After it dries in like an hour, recoat. Seriously, 2 thin coats make it look like it has a fresh coat of poly on the floor. Absolutely amazing. I have done this about 8 times over the last 3 years (usually just touching up the high traffic areas, but whole room applications about once a year), no hazing, no problems other than what other reviewers said about water leaving white spots. That is true, if you leave any sitting fluid it does leave a white spot. Light sand paper, and a recoat and it looks OK but not great. I would NOT use it in a kitchen, and have never used it on tile. And note that I barely ever wet mop. A damp mop every 6 months, and spot clean the dogs muddy paw prints, dripped coffee, etc. Gross, I know, but I do sweep the floors constantly! :)

  • ashley - From Challenge to Outcast in less than two pounds.

    I originally bought a large bag of these at a local market after a diabetic friend moved into a new apartment and the house warming party was mostly "bring him food so the poor bachelor doesn't starve" based.

  • capie - wonderful product

    This product is wonderful. I received it just a couple of days after ordering it and within 3 days of taking it I could feel the difference. My pollen allergies were down to nothing. My husband also started taking it and within 3 days his palpitation @ night stopped and blood pressure went down. It was a little pricey though but I would definitely buy it again n again. I already spread the good news to a few of my friends.

  • Maggie - These are great ornaments. With the light on the tree

    These are great ornaments. With the light on the tree, they just shine a glitter. the ornament arrived quickly. Well Packaged.