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DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE – SUPERTRAC - Business Sales and Acquisitions, Supertrac specialises the sale of medium and large businesses Worldwide - Sell your Business, Offices in Queensland and NSW,

  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/sell/ Sell – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Many business owners are referred to Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac when they are ready to sell, which is often too late to optimize the result. The earlier
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/contact/ Contact – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - NATIONAL OFFICE Tel: 1800 700 111 Fax: 1800 700 222 Email: [email protected] Respond to our National Office for all business opportunities or simply leave
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/slides/divestments/ DIVESTMENTS – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac markets client's business nationally and globally. The strategies Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac has developed for
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/slides/acquisitions/ ACQUISITIONS – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac is regularly engaged by private equity groups and local and overseas listed companies seeking acquisition targets in specific
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/slides/partner-with-us/ PARTNER WITH US – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Divest Merge Acquire - Supertrac welcomes close partnering relationships with professional services providers including accountants, lawyers and financial
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/articles/due-diligence/ Due Diligence – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Why, Who for and How? Due Diligence (DD) is the name given to the process whereby someone undertakes an appraisal of a business to assess its underlying
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/articles/why-didnt-my-business-sell-and-what-to-do-about-it/ Why didn’t my business sell? and what to do about it… – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Whilst those in M&A readily talk about their successes, the reality is that not every business gets sold. The reasons are many and varied, and they hold
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/articles/roundtable-on-mergers-and-acquisitions-markets/ Roundtable on … Mergers and acquisitions markets – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - Tony Brown was recently interviewed by affiliate organisation Miles Dolphin Consulting Group about the current economic landscape.   Given the
  • http://divestmergeacquire.com/articles/look-who-s-buying-most-of-our-clients-businesses/ Look who’s buying most of our clients’ businesses – DIVEST MERGE ACQUIRE - More and more of our clients’ businesses are being acquired by those at the top of the business acquisition food chain, or those aspiring (and acquiring) to be

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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Kate Wong - Broke after first use, customer service refused help after 1 hour on hold

    I used it once and then tried to install their firmware update, which immediately broke the machine. After weeks of communicating with their customer support via email and trying the various fixes they copied and pasted from their website, it still didn't function. Their support email address stopped communicating with me suddenly so I eventually called their hot line, and after being on hold for 50 minutes, was told there was no record of my emails but I should try to download their "new" fix because the ones I tried didn't work. At this point I'd spent many hours trying to make this machine work, including since they claim to have updated the fix, but the company refused to work out any sort of refund or replacement with me (and the customer service rep actually refused to get a supervisor for me to talk to -- he put me on hold and then came back and claimed that the supervisor told him to tell me to "do what I already said"). Atrocious customer service, piece of **** machine.

  • AverageGuyShopper - Very solid, detailed build. Roller skate derby anyone?

    At full retail price, this is actually "good deal" for a SW branded set from LEGO, as usually only the very large sets command a <$0.10/piece pricing. On sale, the pricing just gets better.

  • Stefanie Jackson - This completely sucks!

    I ordered this product and when I received it, there was nothing inside the envelope! The cute little cardboard envelope was in its original condition, at least it looked like it, but when I opened it there was no application! I looked around the inside of the envelope stupidly thinking it is maybe stuck to the sides? But no, the envelope was empty! Very disappointing!