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    I saw a GIANT cockroach on my bathroom wall last night and promptly started crying. I know it's completely pathetic, but I've never had to deal with this before--my dad, brother, or boyfriend has always been there to help--and I was at a loss for what to do. So I closed the door, shoved dishtowels in the crack, checked Amazon, and went and bought some of this stuff at midnight. I didn't know where in the bathroom the roach was, so I just sprayed some of this under the door and hoped for the best. This morning, I checked it out, and the roach was completely dead in the tub AND a baby roach that I hadn't even seen before was dead too. I'm glad I sprayed my whole living room and kitchen also; I'm sure I got some bugs I didn't know were there.

  • Diana R. Little - Good Machine

    I bought this because I was just looking for a low cost machine that I could use in my spare time. I was not looking for a hard-core workout machine, so the Gazelle Edge is perfect. There's not any resistance, but I found that if you buy some ankle weights and use them while on the machine, it works very good. This machine is perfect to use while watching TV instead of just sitting on the couch. I have stress fractures from running, and there's no impact, so this is a good machine to get the heart rate up and a good workout.

  • Deimos - This is the 5th time you have bought this game.

    I still play DOR 2 which is miles better than this and it's on gamecube!. Since SVR06 the consumer buying these terrible game have been buying the same exact game over and over. I bought 09 and brought it back for a refund the same day because it was SVR 08 with a new lame inferno match, less create features and only a handful of good wrestlers. SVR 2010 is worse yet again, still lakcong create features, no legends, a horrid roster not worth playing as unless you think a good wrestler in John Cena and need you head examined. This series sucks, the gameplay is terrible and im thinking it will take THQ until SVR 2050 to get back to the No Mercy/DOR 2 greatness.

  • Pegacorn - Not Windows 7 Compatible

    At first it would start then cut off on it's own. Ancestry was no help at all. Finally got it to work but it still periodically crashes, shutting down and I have to restart it and hope it saves what I did before it crashed. I should have returned it. Previous version were so good too. Very disappointed. Scared to try 2012 FTM.

  • Monica Fernandez - IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL FOR ME

    The mice practicly pooped right on the bag. I felt like they gave me the finger and laughed at me. The sad part is that this was my last attempt to make them go away with out killing them, sadly we are back to the mice tramps the ones the snap ;(. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS

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    During hurricane Matthew we lost power for several hours. I had just received the heroBeam led lantern a few days before Hurricane Matthew. They worked out better than any other lanterns that i have ever used so much so that i ordered 4 more to give out as Christmas presents. Gave off more light and easy to use. Great product.