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Medical Side Effects, Drug Information, & FDA Recalls - Latest information on medical devices and drug lawsuits. Find up-to-date news on medical side effects, FDA recalls and medical malpractice lawsuits.

  • http://drugresource.com/case-evaluation Free Case Evaluation - Drug Resource - Many people don't know that they can be compensated for an unsafe product. To know if you can, submit a free case evaluation at Drug Resource.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs-devices/ Drugs and Devices - Drug Resource - There are many drugs and devices that can cause harm to patients. Learn about the most common drug and device malfunctions and how you can be compensated.
  • http://drugresource.com/medical-malpractice-lawsuits/ Medical Malpractice Lawsuits - Drug Resource - Medical malpractice lawsuits have two classifications; medical devices and drug lawsuits. If you have suffered from a medical device or drug, contact us.
  • http://drugresource.com/list-of-manufacturers/ List of Manufacturers, Drug Lawsuits - Drug Resource - Be aware of the common drug and device manufactures that neglect the harmful side effects of patients. See the list of manufacturers here.
  • http://drugresource.com/fda-recalls/ Common Drug and Device FDA Recalls - Drug Resource - When there is an FDA recall, you may not always be aware. See the list of common FDA recalls and get the compensation you deserve.
  • http://drugresource.com/about-us/ About Us - Drug Resource - Drug Resource is here to teach you about the dangers that come with unsafe products as well as explain what you can do if you've been a victim.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/what-is-a-power-morcellator/ What is a Power Morcellator & Morcellation Cancer - Learn what is a power morcellator and the risks for spreading cancer after hysterectomy. Get a free case evaluation for your power morcellator lawsuit.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/viagra/ Study Finds Link Between Viagra and Melanoma Skin Cancer - A Harvard medical school study following over 25,000 men found that there man be a link between Viagra and melanoma skin cancer.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/invokana-and-farxiga/ Invokana, Farxiga, & Jardiance Linked to Ketoacidosis - Are you a Type 2 diabetic taking SGLT2 inhibitors like Invokana or Farixga? Find out why the FDA has a warning about these drugs and if it affects you.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/what-is-viagra/ What is Viagra & Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits - Drug Resource - What is Viagra? Viagra is linked to an increased risk of melanoma skin cancer. If you've been affected, let us help you file for a Viagra melanoma lawsuit.
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/what-is-xarelto/ What is Xarelto - Drug Resource - What is Xarelto? This blood thinning medication is known to cause excessive bleeding in patients. Learn more about xarelto side effects and xarelto lawsuits
  • http://drugresource.com/forums Forums Archive - Drug Resource - Find the latest news on medical and drug information, side effects, FDA warnings, and medical malpractice lawsuits. Get a free case evaluation for your case
  • http://drugresource.com/drugs/what-is-xarelto/side-effects-of-xarelto/ Side Effects of Xarelto & Xalrelto Risks - Drug Resource - The dangerous side effects of Xarelto include uncontrollable internal bleeding. If you've been affected, let us help you with your case.

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