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  • Jeremy - The little modem that couldn't (cable modem reboot due to T4 timeout)

    Summary: this modem is fine if your service is good, but it fails really ungracefully if your service is marginal. While the underlying cause of the issue *is* poor service (which is of course no fault of the modem), fluctuations in signal quality are unavoidable, and how the device *handles* sub-optimal service must be considered in the review process. The fact that the modem reboots with even minimal signal degradation - in situations where other devices do not - is why I have arrived at a rating of 3 stars.

  • Amazon Customer - I was so happy when I found out I was able to get ...

    My parents used this on all scrapes, cuts, and wounds and it always healed them. In August I was on a roof over a door when it gave way. As I fell a nail caught my leg and ripped it open as well as puncturing deep into my leg. I had 6 stitches but the stitches did not hold. I only had a small amount of this salve left but I decided to use it instead of going back to the doctor. I was so happy when I found out I was able to get more if as I ran out in September and as of today I am still using it. The wound site is nearly healed. I still get scant amount of pussy drainage from the deep puncture site but that too is beginning to ease up. I do not believe I will have a scar. The salve has not only pulled the infection from the wound but it also has allowed the site to heal from the inside out so I doubt if I will even have a scar; just discoloration at the site. This salve is amazing! I am so glad it is still being produced.

  • J. Kreider - Somewhat helpful, but not worth the $200 investment

    I have a 45 minute drive each way for nursing school every day. I wanted to use that time productively by reviewing NCLEX questions on the trip. I thought this set would be perfect but was immediately disappointed when it arrived. There is no content information regarding the subject on each disk. It's hit or miss with 12 disks, so when you play them you will need to write up your own content list. Really, how tough would that have been to provide. Secondly, questions are answered in a multiple choice format, which the speaker tells you to take notes on. Hey, I'm driving?! So I remembered the letter of my choice of answers and listened for the correct answer. You get rationale, but other than the first section, they don't tell you the letter of the correct answer. It would have been nice if they told you the letter, followed by the correct statement..THEN gave you the rationale. I have programs for NCLEX for my home computer. I really needed something that would aid me when I wasn't sitting at a disk. Finally, the audio quality varied quite a bit from really good, to sounding like the speaker was in a box. When they transitioned from one narrator to another, it was abrupt. At least I kept awake while driving. I could live with this, though $200 was twice what the set was worth..UNTIL...disk three was defective and an entire section wouldn't play. At that point I sent it back and got a replacement. I never got further on the disk so I don't know if the rest of the 12 disk set worked well. Amazon was awesome in sending me my replacement immediately. I would have considered a refund, but I still need an audio set and this appears to be the only one out there that is current.

  • Lauren R Anderson - An engaging adventure; hoping for another installment soon

    Wells has crafted a gripping tale filled with action, conflict, and lots of geeky technology to tickle the imagination. The relationships between the characters and their often awkward attempts to connect with each other are as interesting as the overall plot. They feel real. Wells expertly incorporates current technology, science, biology and linguistics then fuels our imagination with what it could look like in the future. She has created a fascinating story that needs to be told in subsequent books. I hope so.

  • Weixing Chen - cool design and versatile features

    I have been using MYNT Smart Tracker for a few months. I like the easiness to use and compact size. Use it for car location tracking, camera remote control and pace activities tracking.