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Personal Injury Attorney | Consumer Protection| Santa Monica | Michigan — Dubendorf Law Firm - Dubendorf Law Firm represents clients who have suffered a personal injury thorough California and Michigan.

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  • Ms. Daniels - Three peoples reviews in one!

    I am going to give you two reviews from three different people in one post. I will give you a bit of background to help support my theories of who this product is going to help and who it isn’t. Although, keep in mind everyone’s body processes things differently and that also makes a difference.

  • M. D. Standifird - Disaster movie with a plus

    I like apocalyptic end of the world movies. And anytime the destruction starts in LA it is even more enjoyable. The disaster sequences and visual effects are worth the price of admission.

  • Rangers68 - It works well, but beware of a very questionable (potentially cancer causing) ingredient - IP CLEAN HX1!

    It's a shame because this product works and I want to buy more because it works well, however, an ingredient in it is VERY questionable.

  • slayer12 - Great but be CAREFUL!

    This works amazing and really destroys any adhesive it touches, you need to be very careful with this though because it will strip your interior / any non clear coated paint.

  • Aaron - Great indoor volleyball

    The visibility and feel of the ball is fantastic. Passing the ball takes a little bit to get use to, however it is easy to hit and set. I highly recommend this ball!

  • Reynolds - Needed a re-write.

    I don't agree w these other reviews, this book was a huge disappointment after the previous two gems. The other two books had good pacing, a good ending to both of them, funny characters, (the crab, the mole) a morale to the stories. This book had none of that.