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  • Mda10 - Clutch issue/quality control

    Was testing the reel and within a few clutch releases and re-engaging, the handle would not close the clutch anymore. Everything else on the reel seemed to have worked as intended, but the clutch system broke very easily. It would have been unfortunate if this broke while on a fishing trip. Quality control may have issues, buyer beware.

  • P. Woodland - Unbelieveable results but follow the instructions

    We have a five year old Itasca Motorhome that is outside in the Arizona sun every day except when it is outside in the Montana sun. The plastic lenses of the headlights had taken on the color of skim milk. All but unusable. Based on several reviews here and other places I decided to give it a try. The results are outstanding. The lenses are as clear as when new.

  • J. Cox - Major malfunctions

    This crock pot delivered in some ways. For the first 6 months I owned it, the timer worked properly. Then one day shortly after that, it didn't. In addition to that it never really had a 'warm' setting. Instead the food in the crock pot would continue to cook, just as it would on a 'low' setting. When not watched closely, some meals would overcook quickly, even though the cooking was technically supposed to have finished. Overall, very disappointed in it since it's only 6 months later and I'm dishing out more money for another (different) one.

  • EKML - my husband now quotes Sylvia Plath on a regular basis

    Being a woman, I bought these pens for myself - I would not want to write with a man's pen, so I have not been writing much since being born 35 years ago. After writing down a few recipes and a fifty-two page hommage to my husband, I found that the Cristal pen made me a lot more feminine, submissive, unassuming and prone to cooking barefoot in the nude. The pen also gave me a fuller chest and somehow managed to cinch all my dresses into hourglass shapes. My husband was delighted that I had finally become the perfect woman. He wanted me to write the pen a five-star review but reviewing things online is a thing only men should do, like voting.

  • Justin - Great beginners set!

    After doing extensive research on a gold set in the price range of 100-250 USD, I went with this one. Previously I bought a 120USD set from Walmart, I returned them after one game, not that they were terrible clubs, but I could feel the lack of quality. So i bought this set and they day it arrived (2days after ordering) I went and played 9 holes.

  • J. McGaw - A Good Unit

    Honestly, I'd have gone for 4.5 stars but since we are limited to integer values I'll give them the extra half. This is a replacement for a very old Cyberpower 1250AVR (can't remember the exact model). It became intermittent causing mysterious crashes of a computer which resides out of view in the basement so it was very difficult to troubleshoot. Initially I thought it was batteries, the most common cause of UPS problems, but it proved to be something more deep. I didn't hesitate to buy a new Cyberpower unit since I already had five of them and had never had any trouble with them before this.