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Elgin Family Pet Center | Veterinarian - We are an AAHA Accredited veterinary medical facility, providing services to pets in Elgin, TX and surrounding areas.

  • http://elginfamilypetcenter.com/services.html Elgin Family Pet Center | Veterinary Services - We are ready to provide your pet with veterinary medical care, including Laser Therapy, Radiology, Ultrasound, House Calls, Blood Transfusions, Vaccinations, and Wellness Exams.
  • http://elginfamilypetcenter.com/our_staff.html Elgin Family Pet Center | Our Veterinary Staff - Dr. Leslie Sirmons, DVM, Dr. Sergio Hernandez, DVM, Dr. Sarah Hokanson, DVM, Dr. Robin Allen, DVM, and staff seek to provide the best possible animal care for their highly-valued patients.

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  • ShoeHo - LOVE IT!!!

    A friend of mine gave me a sample of hers to try. It was AMAZING!! I have huge pores. I tried this on one side of my face first to see if I could tell a difference. I completely could! My pores were so clean and I may be seeing what I want to see... but they seemed tighter.

  • Matt @ LookIntoHawaiiDotCom - Junk. Pieces falling off of it. Not put together properly. It's going back after 15 minutes!

    Wow, what a piece of junk. Avoid this at all costs! I'm clearly one of the few who paid money for this rather than getting it in exchange for a review. While what some reviewers wrote is accurate, mine arrive with 1 tiny screw falling out of the box. This was 1 of 2 screws to mount the laser. The other screw was stuck deep inside the machine and took forever to get it out.

  • Pinky - GPS didn't work on 2 phones, useless help from Blu

    GPS has never worked on the 2 phones I purchased. It never locks onto a location (often as much as 20 miles off). When I contacted Blu about it, they suggested some fixes, but they took a long time between responses (sometimes over a month), and the fixes they suggested never worked. It was nice that they provided an upgrade to a newer Android operating system, but that didn't help either. After they dragged their feet to the point where the warranty ran out they said that GPS and turn-by-turn navigation is not a feature on these phones, however those are specifically listed as features on their website for this phone.

  • Alexis Lozano - Miracles in Bottles

    I spent so much money on cleansers and perscriptions that I just wanted a face transplant. I was hitting a serious late 20s hormonal influx that gave me terrible cystic acne. In combination of birth control to maintain my hormones and this regimen my skin is perfectly clear. Better than when I was using proactive. The peroxide is very drying but as long as you buy the jojoba oil in conjunction and use it mixed with the moisturizer this stuff is magical. It saved my self esteem. The website explains how acne works and why this product is so successful. I absolutely love I couldn't live without it. I buy this in bulk to keep it in stock. I never even get pimples anymore. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you use it the way it is instructed.

  • Prime Time - I wear it every day!

    light weight and comfortable. I wear these to work every day and it suits me just fine. My feet can breathe with the mesh material.

  • Lila - Instantly Ageless

    I was sold the first time I put some on my face. People want instant results, not paying a lot to wait weeks to hope something happens. Been there done that. This works right in front of your eyes. NOW

  • R. A. Steinbach - It's also about the effects

    Just wanted to speak up and say that during a very stressful time, this tea was a life-saver. If you follow the directions, let the bag sit for 5-8 minutes and then squeeze the bag before you throw it away, the calming effects are immediate and thorough.