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Evolucare - Makers of your next Healthcare IT System - Evolucare brings you a broad range of products and services to the whole healthcare community. Its range of products and services is constantly expanding.

  • http://en.evolucare.com/anesthesia-management-software.html ECS Anaesthesia : advanced anesthesia management - Before, during and after the operation, our software works in accordance with official recommendations.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/evolucare-healthcare-IT.html Evolucare, your source for cutting edge healthcare computing - Evolucare is providing Information Systems for healthcare professionnals since 1988 : HIS, critical care, telemedicine, medical imaging.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/healthcare-IT-services.html Evolucare Healthcare IT, optimum reactivity. - Evolucare pools the resources of its divisions to offer a services center sized and structured to meet the demands of each hospital.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/evolucare-HIS-critical-care-software.html Evolucare healthcare software : our values - Meet Evolucare, a major player in the Healthcare Information Systems industry.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/./telemedicine-software.html Telemedicine : Discovering Evolucare's expertise and tools - Teleconsultation, tele-expertise, telemonitoring, teleassistance : Evolucare's expertise covers all your telemedicine needs
  • http://en.evolucare.com/./ICU-reanimation-management-software.html ECS ICU : Data management solution for patients in intensive care units - ECS ICU allows you to deliver all of your patients’ daily prescription, care and monitoring needs on a single interface.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/./web-imaging-ris.html ECS Workflow - Web Radiology Information System (RIS) - Our web Radiology Information System (RIS) for single or multiple sites is designed for all types of healthcare facilities.
  • http://en.evolucare.com/headlines/fundus-camera-IT-project.html RetinOpTic project wins an inter-ministry funded call for projects - Evolucare is in charge of the project's IT component and is the second biggest financial contributor.

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