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  • Lester Thomas - The helper

    This thing is the best . I love it don't know how I drove without it . You need it with all the nuts out on the road.

  • Johnny Beans - Great customer service. excellent device

    I previously purchased the then known as netgear almond for use as a range extender. its now called the securifi router/ range extender. it was the only one I tried that really worked. fast forward to early this year. my netgear router went kaplooie (a technical term) so I decided to go with a new almond and use it as a router. Setup is simple using the onscreen instructions. worked flawlessly on two of my three devices. I also kept the older almond to use again as an extender.

  • LVT06 - Half and half

    In this year's edition, the "Good Ones" had innovative plots, engaging characters and clever narrative tone; the "Bad Ones" had the meandering, wallowing self-indulgent "discovery of myself" stories found in your average freshman-level creative writing classes. The mix was about 50-50 on Good/Bad stories. There are some great emerging authors in this volume that warrant attention. Borrow it or buy it used.

  • Ann Zeiler - and it looked great. It held up nice all fall

    Watched the video twice. Did everything according to directions. I washed our wheelchair accessible ramp with restore cleaner, let dry for a couple days, and applied two coats of this product. It was late September 2013 when it was applied, and it looked great. It held up nice all fall, but in February/March 2014 we noticed that it was starting to lift up off the ramp boards and sticking to the tires on my sons wheel chair being tracked into our home. It is now a wholly mess. It's all coming up, even off the railings. I would never recommend this product to anyone. Over two hundred dollars invested, and three days of my vacation. This stuff is highly over rated.

  • Sheree - Still not perfect. Put more stuff on then used a mr ...

    I bought this for my fiberglass tub and shower. The textured bottom is so hard to clean! Put the stuff on and let it sit. Scrubbed it. Still not perfect. Put more stuff on then used a mr clean magic eraser and holy cow. Perfectly clean. And I've tried everything under the sun