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STI Testing Dublin, STD Testing Dublin, Sexual health, Everyman Centre - The Everyman Centre is one of the leading male std health clinic in Dublin. For more advice on male reproductive health, contact the mens health clinic today.

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  • Denae - Not worth it!

    Wanting to cover up my mild acne and blemishes, I ordered the airbrush system. First of all, it took three weeks to process and ship to my house. When I tried it out, it took 4 coats (each taking 15-20 drops) to get good coverage. The makeup looked cakey and orange and felt gross. After letting it "dry" for 30 minutes, I put a drop of water on my fingertip to see how well the makeup would hold up. When the drop of water touched the makeup, it literally dripped off my face. The makeup is horrible quality and would never last a normal person all day. It may work for indoor pictures, but that's about it. Definitely not worth the money. And on top of that, their "30-day risk free trial" is a bunch of crap. In very fine print, it states that if you want to return it, it has to be within 30 days of your initial PAYMENT. So thanks to the fact that they took their sweet time (3 weeks!) processing and shipping it, I had only 7 days to decide I didn't want it and send it back. By the way, they won't pay for return shipping, so I was out $15 on this deal. SCAM!

  • Retired but still kicking - Great cooker, plastic is a joke

    I've had my Nuwave, purchased elsewhere, for several years. I've had to replace the plastic dome three times now because it either cracks from the top or cracks from the bottom. This last time is the end. Love the way it cooks, but for the price of the replacements, I could have bought another brand or a new MW. Makes no sense to have to keep replacing the plastic dome. For this I do not recommend this product. As an aside, it's not the easiest nor the hardest to clean but there is one danger. The bottom pan has two wire handles. If you're not careful, the inside portion can give you a nasty cut. They could have rounded the ends off and the problem would have been eliminated. I contacted NuWave regarding a replacement dome. Here's where I think they're pulling a fast one. I can get a replacement sent for just the $14.95 shipping. But, as the operator explained, for 30 some bucks I can get one that's guaranteed not to break and that is made of a stronger type of plastic. It looks like some of their more deluxe units incorporate this better dome. My conclusion is they know darn well these domes are going to break but they still continue to supply them (without warning people they're going to have to replace them). When I asked why these things keep cracking, the operator explained it away by saying they have determined it's user caused. Now that's as big a pile of crap as a field full of cow dung. Nuwave has a nice product but, to me, they destroy their integrity by pulling this bad dome good dome racket. Yes, a manufacturer can produce an economy line and a top line, that I understand. But why don't they say so? To me that's being dishonest.

  • Patricia Raines - Well worth my time & money!

    This was one of those page-turners that you just can't put down! Just when you think you have it all figured out....wrong!

  • Damien Wright - Just okay

    I read several upon several reviews regarding the effectiveness of using Princereigns Ingrown Hair Gel and I have to say I'm fairly disappointed. Now maybe it's just me because I come from a German-Italian background and have rich thick black hair and fair skin, but it really didn't do much of anything to stop ingrowns. When I first used it there was a slight improvement (I used it every day). It smells nice and feels good on the skin, but I thought maybe my skin needs to breath so I cut back to just using it after I shave and the results changed to not effective at all. For something that costs so much and has had so many great reviews I was expecting a lot more than it making ingrown spots a little less noticeable and feel slightly better.

  • Danielle S. - Buy regular workout bands it's better and cheaper

    It's hard to use it hurts my knee. The beginner bands are so tight I don't see how to graduate to the next ones. Buy regular workout bands it's better and cheaper.

  • chattymom - Must have for infant

    This is awesome and allows me to use my double bob with my infant car seat. It's really easy to use/install and we haven't had any problems. My toddler loves the snack tray on her side and my infant is secure in her chicco car seat. Great product!

  • Teresa - A fun program to help design your home

    I've enjoyed using this program-it does take some practice and reading, but the tutorials are very handing. The program allows you to get the measurements and dimensions of the structure. Elevations are available as well. The 3D feature is very detailed and you can switch easily from 2 to 3 D. There weren't as many kitchen and furniture pieces to select from as I would have liked, but it's a good program to map out a home plan.