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  • Jeremy Monaco - Great mouse, 2nd only to the Holy Grail G502!

    OK so in the last 30 days, I have tested MANY mice, in an attempt to find the perfect mouse. I even went as far as to track accuracy %'s per mouse in UT2004. I tested the Final mouse, Logitech G502 proteus core, Razer Deathadder Chroma, Roccat Tyon, Zowie Fk1, and the Razer ouroboros. I have probably used another 20-30 mice in the last few years, but not in the last 30 days. One thing I have learned is optical is far superior to laser, so the majority of the mice above use optical sensors.

  • G. Bocker - If you liked Roxio's Video Lab HD, you'll love this software, too!

    Within a year I've become a big fan of Roxio's video editing and DVD burning products. I used to have Nero 8 and Pinnacle Studio 9 but they kept crashing my Windows XP desktop, even after I doubled the memory to 1GB. They rarely put out a DVD that didn't have screen-freezes and playback errors. I had much better luck with Roxio's Video Lab HD but I lost my XP computer to a power supply/motherboard failure and that software doesn't work in Windows 7. Now that I have Creator 2011...and Win7 desktop with 6GB of RAM...I'm again getting some dusty VHS videocassettes digitized, edited, and burned to DVDs again. I know that it's an older software now, but I've never been one to buy on first-day releases. I wait for bargains and Amazon has dozens of them. I'm probably going to be a Roxio customer as long as I continue to edit video.

  • britney grey - Largely good results depends upon our behavior we include

    I must say i located that eBook for being worthwhile and the majority beneficial. I am just often disorganized together with my personal regular regimens as well as couple of suggestions include made it easier for myself a lot. Largely good results depends upon our behavior we include, this also is usually an important factor of our lifetime. The some sort of value reading through eBook.