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  • Chris - Interesting read for those looking for Buffett's way of thinking

    Overall with a dash of accounting and finance lectures thrown in for good measure the book is a good basis to see what Buffett thinks. Now one could get most of this from Berkshires website but the oldest reports (which aren't online) have some of the best insights into how the man thinks and make for a good overall read.

  • aaron severson - Good Value

    Ive tried many "detox supplements" throughout the years and this product by far, is superior to any other. It doesn't give you cramps and it truly works. I would recommend starting with just 1 in the evening before bedtime and then gradually working up to the recommended dose of 2 capsules per day.

  • smanson - Headliner (Youtube - how to use)

    I love this clipper! It's a clipper so its going to make noise and with any powerful clipper, it's going to get hotter as time goes by and YOU MUST learn how to use it unless you already know. The right and left edges of the clipper work best for lining up!!! The guards are there for use but I have a separate pair of clippers that I use for fading and such. Personally all I use them (Headliners) for is balding, beard/mustache and lining. If you are buying these or any new type of clipper for the first time, research on how to use them(youtube).