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Alliance for a Stronger FDA - With responsibility for products that comprise more than 20% of all national consumer spending, the U.S. Food & Drug Admininistration (FDA) oversees aspects of several industries that are key to our nation's growth and prosperity. A science-based, predictable, and efficient FDA helps these industries -- including the food, drug, medical device, and cosmetics industries -- to innovate and to…

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  • Jason G - Good Picture...Bad accessibility

    This TV has decent picture. I have had it for almost 3 years coming this Christmas and have not had any problems. My only pet peeve is that when I am changing channels it takes forever to load to the next channel. It is tedious work to change channels because the picture takes forever to come onto the screen. Other than this it is great: has 2 A/V jacks which are very useful. Overall, a decent TV but would not buy again if I had a second chance.


    Used this product 2 times. Needed it badly yesterday to plant my food plots right after a big rain and expected this week (and won't be able to plant again before rain... Hooked it up to my UTV, filled it with seeds, rode to plot area, hit the 'on' button -- no dice! Motor not working, spinner not spinning, seeds not broadcasting.... LOTS of money for 2 uses. I would not recommend this product to anyone.


    I recently converted my office computers over to Mac and in doing so converted my software from all programs to be Mac based. I have used Quickbooks Pro for PC since 1999 and have always manually entered my payroll info on all my employees on a monthly basis since I do not use Intuit Payroll Services (initially used them, however given the poor service that I received, quickly cancelled and have used another vender to perform payroll (Powerpayroll)). PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MANUALLY ENTER ANY PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS (OTHER THAN THE TOTAL PAID TO THE EMPLOYEE). You must subscribe to their payroll service (3rd party) to have any payroll detail entered into the program. This for me is unacceptable. One expects that a business financial software program would enable BASIC payroll entries (FICA, SUTA, FUTA, ect) since most users have some employees or at the very least a sole proprietor. After spending multiple man hours (as well as the cost of the program) converting QB PC files to Mac and updating (accepted prior payroll entries from the conversion), I am forced to either keep a PC around just for this program as well as forced to update every 3 years on the PC side or be locked out of support from all online downloads. Bottom line: POOR EXECUTATION , STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT IF YOU NEED TO INPUT ANY MANUAL PAYROLL INFO. Intuit should be shot for this unforgiveble exclusion (anything to make a profit).

  • duodecimo tuono - Cure for tired wheel covers!

    I could go around and around extolling the virtues of these wheel covers: for less than 25% of the cost of a new one from the dealer, I got four (4) from OxGord! They seem to be high quality, fit well, and look just like the originals, minus the Toyota emblem in the center. I bought these because I was impressed with the OxGord wheel covers I bought for my Corolla. Same positive experience with these.

  • Amazon Customer - Winters and Landish have done it again!

    I received this as an ARC but this is my honest opinion...Winters and Landish have done it again! Absolutely loved this book! Filled with heartbreak, healing, sizzling chemistry, love, suspense...pretty much everything that makes up a great read! It's a creative wonderfully written book with a fulfilling HEA that will give you "all the feels"! Read this book! I promise you won't want to put it down! Can NOT wait till #3 ladies! Kudos on this homerun!

  • Cody Martin - smooth energy

    This fat burner is my fav of all time, and I have tried a lot of them! It is only 1 pill a day, which is great for me. The energy comes fast but it is very smooth, and the appetite suppressing is on point. I sometimes use this as a preworkout, it is that good! Absolutely ZERO crash as well. Highly recommend!