Mechanism of action of finasteride - The mechanism of action of the sterols is not well understood, although they are present in other herbs (such as pygeum bark, stinging nettle root, and pumpkin seed extract) used in treating prostate conditions.

  • MECHANISM OF ACTION OF FINASTERIDE - The following have been reported from general use of propecllergic reactions including rash, itching, hives and swelling of the lips and face; problems with ejaculation, breast tenderness and enlargement and testicular pain.
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  • Abigail Spaggiari - AMAZING!!!

    I absolutely love this product! My eyes are very small and crease very easily. I used this product under the NYX jumbo eye pencils (and if you've used those before, you know those are famous for how bad they crease) and my eye shadow lasted ALL DAY with NO creases!!! :O Very pleasantly surprised! Love it and will be buying the glitter glue shortly!

  • mdri2007 - book is OK, no much helpful info. strategy ...

    book is OK, no much helpful info. strategy is not helpful if you don't know the subject, so learn basic nursing, than you can practice the strategy, not in reverse.

  • Dennis K. - Black Beauty grass seed

    So far so good I seeded my yard this fall and watered the seed daily to keep it moist and used line and starter fertilizer. I have received many compliments so far and the lawn is only 2 months old. I used this last bag to reseed over several thin areas in the new lawn.

  • Mary - love

    I really love that this is organic, its a nice container to keep by my bed and is easy to apply. I've enjoyed using it as the baby grows and my skin stretches. So far so good! My husband also uses it on my feet. Very soft feeling and smells good.

  • Mr. Fix-it - Look great and decent quality for aftermarket covers.

    Look just like the original covers on my 2008 Camry after attaching the Toyota logos bought separately. Hope they hold up, but the cold temperatures usually crack the ABS plastic gripping tabs that hold them on after a few years.

  • Daryl - It's easy

    It works great... The instructions is a little hard to understand but all you have to do is charge the battery and while it's charging go ahead and download the BVCAM app then connect to your wifi... Now turn on the switch on the camera.... Now with the app go to the home page and click on the camera selection and it should be working 🙌🏾