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  • Dee Onna Herrera - Great book

    This is all I used to review for my NCLEX. Passed the first time with very minimal number of questions. Would recommend to others!

  • Daniel S Adams - So if you are like me and just looking for airplane their might be ...

    Book helped me pass in short amount of time. However it takes a little work to get use to it. Do realize that this book is for all private pilot types to include LTA and recreation. So if you are like me and just looking for airplane their might be something easier but I'm not sure. Like I said, I used it and it helped me pass the written. Cheers. Good luck.

  • Craig Allen - Windshield blew me away but not the wind

    I took my family for a ride in the cold Oregon mountains on Christmas Day... and I was amazed at the clarity and its efficient design. It blocked virtually all of the cold wind at 50 miles an hour. And it looks great! I'm pleased and impressed!

  • tato - good

    I bought this product to remove some common skin tag on my neck,this is for warts, but i used for my skin tags. And work, after 4 application, the skin tags turn black and fall.

  • Bonni - Great Antenna!

    The antenna works great,at times it has trouble pulling in 1 station,we just move it to another spot & works fine!