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  • rentotheny - fits great

    Don't know why the new 2016 trucks don't come with fuel caps, but they don't, so this was a must have in my opinion for my new truck. Fits great.

  • BobAtGLP - Nice shoes

    I don't normally wear wide shoes, but some of the bike shoes I've tried on are a bit tight in the toe box. These fit perfectly (ordered size 48 - I am a size 12). Be aware that I thought I was getting white shoes, but they are black. Thought about returning them but the black color actually looks great. Suggest the product description be changed to specify the shoe color. Happy cycling.

  • Daniel E. - Great product

    The software arrived on time and I installed it on my windows 8.1 computer. Everything is as promised, This is the only greeting card / label maker I will ever need.

  • Canadian - Just short of excellent

    The best cordless vac I have ever used - without exception. It is very light and easy to carry weighing just 1 lb more than the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum, which it beats in all regards hands-down, .

  • girlnextdoor - The only one that I've found that works

    I have tried almost every "hair, skin, nails" vitamin you can buy. My hair has gradually become thinner with age and children, and I've also tested deficient for vitamin D, calcium, and iron- all things you need for better everything. This is the only vitamin I've found that actually makes a difference. It's not overnight, usually about two weeks in I notice my fingernails growing faster, and within a month, I notice my hair fall getting better. When I run out, I can tell pretty quickly. My only issue is some nausea if I take it on an empty stomach. To solve this, I wait to take it right before bed and I sleep through any potential queasiness. I usually buy this at my local drug store but the price on Amazon is much better generally, unless I have some kind of coupon. I suggest adding this to your multivitamin routine especially if you're battling hair fall, and thin, flaky nails that break easily.

  • MFMIFM - Not worth it!

    I was very disappointed with this product for removing hair. I had to reapply Nair three times because it left patches of hair. Even after that, I had to shave some areas and it left me with minor chemical burns. To make matter worse, I had stubble in one or two days after applying Nail. I know it doesn't specify how long the affect will last, but I could have just shaved the areas and had the same affect. It depended on the area, but the hair removal was spotty and didn't last long at all.