GenetiConcept™ - Health DNA testing - Revolutionary All-in one DNA testing service for health: diseases predisposition, medication, skin, fitness and well-being.

  • GenetiConcept™ - DNA Testing for Health overview - GenetiConcept is a world leading DNA testing company. Health DNA testing service available !
  • GenetiConcept™ - World-leading Pharmacogenetics company - Pharmacogenetics testing available now ! Get your DNA test for medication (+150 drugs available).
  • Fitness DNA Testing and nutrigenetics - DNA Testing for fitness and nutrigenetics - Tailor your workout and your nutrition according to your DNA
  • Neurogenetics - Brain DNA Testing - Neurogenetics report based on your DNA available now ! Learn how to fix your brain pathways efficiently.
  • GenetiConcept™ - Our technology - Revolutionary all-in one dna testing company : health, skin, fitness and well-being
  • GenetiConcept™ - 23andMe health interpretation via raw data analysis - Revolutionary all-in one dna testing company (health, skin, fitness and well-being). Also available for 23andme interpretation via raw data analysis.

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  • B Morton - Swing and a miss

    Super unfortunate- I really wanted to like this, but honestly you're better off without anything on your nails.

  • lucy - Very happy with this product

    I just finished this Pure Pearl Facial Mask and my skin feels and looks so good. I did leave it on longer than it said, yes one of those that if a little is good a lot must be better. I like that I'm not confined to the couch with these. You can walk around watch TV do just about anything but tried eating pretzels didn't work so good. I have quite a few of mothermade products and have been happy with each and every one. They did not skimp on liquid, had I wanted to I could have saved the mask and got another application. I had no irritation or reddening to my skin. Some of the wonderful ingredients in this mask are:Pearl Extract

  • cgtennis - Terrible Cusomer Service, period!

    Terrible experience when I tried to activate my license. There is no customer service contact number for you to call. You have to create a ticket from the web and they only respond to your emails. Although my purchase came with a sealed package, customer Service is unable to activate the license saying my license is illegal. That's crazy.

  • Linda Davis - Frequent reader of the series

    I too read this series year after year and think this is one of the best collections yet. More than anything else, all of the stories have a really strong voice. I did not dislike, or not finish, a single story, as I did in previous years.