What Is Self Insurance - Know About The Insurance Types - self-insurance - A system whereby a firm sets aside an amount of its monies to provide for any losses that occur-losses that could ordinarily be covered under an ...

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  • Amazon Customer - This effects everybody Adobe.

    If you think the younger consumers can cough up 19.99 a month, just to keep their files, your way off base Adobe. Just let us BUY the software. Please.

  • meek46 - shock

    I don't see this working to better my abs but only time will tell with one control.Only one of my controls works. Sometime the one controler that works shocks me.

  • Nancy - Nice Personal Kit to have handy

    I have been in a look out for a nice blackhead remover kit, I love that this comes in its own zippered flip carriers. The kit includes several different tools, at the moment i am just using one, but nice to know that i will have the available tools if i ever need them.

  • Mo V. - Short but tasty

    Tastes great!!! I don't feel that it staved off my hunger for a long period of time but it did take away my immediate cravings. I usually add it to my home steeped tea as sweetener and flavor enhancer instead of sugar or honey.

  • NonProfessional Tax Preparer - Terrible program for preparing trust tax returns!

    I purchased this program last year, in order to prepare my first trust tax return. Using this program to complete an IRS form 1041 trust tax return almost made me go crazy! H&R Block does the same thing they've always done for state returns--that is, no explanation or guidance is provided. If there is a form to fill, the instructions are, "open the whole form and complete the form". No explanation of what should go into each space, what things mean, nothing! I ended up spending many hours researching every little thing online. All this program does is calculate for you. Oh, and you can't e-file the trust return using this program! You may as well print out a blank 1041, do your online research, fill it out by hand and take it to the post office!

  • RemakingJune - Not magic - but definitely helps!

    I've been using Pro-B now for two months and I definitely notice a difference. No infections, less irritation during menstruation etc. and I just feel cleaner and fresher -- everything is just 'better' in that area now. I'm very glad I started using them. They are also about $10 cheaper here on Amazon than they are at my local drug store. Bonus!