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  • Amazon Customer - Run fast away from these people!!!

    I didn't actually buy the product so I can't comment on how good it is (or isn't). But the staff is very aggressive in their sales techniques. When I refused to buy anything even after they lowered the price significantly and threw in a lot of freebies, the salesman became insulting and said things like, "Well, I guess you just don't care about your skin" and "You must not be too smart if you aren't taking advantage of this offer." A legitimate company doesn't use these sales tactics. This is exactly why I like to research items like this before I buy them. I think they are a total scam. Stick to what a dermatologist or quality spa-type place recommends and avoid this place.

  • Casey Langen - Great hardware, but ridiculously bad default Windows installation. Buyer beware.

    The hardware is great and easy to work with, but the default Windows installation is atrocious. It has something running that pegs disk (not CPU!) usage at 100% out of the box, rendering the machine nearly unusable, even in safe mode. Not sure how this sort of defect slipped by QA -- it's clearly software related; reformatting and installing a clean OS solved all my problems and it's running great now.

  • Claudio Argueta Moran - The book Access Code was invalid. I had to ...

    The book Access Code was invalid. I had to buy a new code from Pearson. Even do the silver foil on the code was untouched.

  • D. Krepak - No additional licenses required

    I've used McAfee products for years including virus scan, security suite and total protection. All Access Individual is the same as Total Protection but you can install it on all the devices you own. You don't need additional licenses so in the long run this is cheaper if you have more than 3 devices. I have a small business and have 3 computers at the office in addition to a desktop and laptop at home. If you have other devices such as tablets or smartphones you can install it on those as well. This is the only advantage I see in this program compared to years past but for me it is a big one.

  • Dan's Wife - Perfect Condition

    I have been purchasing the Holiday Barbie for about 20 years and the yearly challenge is finding a box without dings, scratches or a price tag stuck to it. This box was in absolutely perfect condition.

  • Ana Carina Morales - Excelente.

    Muy completo, con explicaciones y ejemplos muy claros. El contenido del CD es sumamente adecuado. No domino el idioma inglés, no obstante puedo comprender y resolver los ejercicios allí planteados.

  • Wolf - painful migration

    I used MS Money before, since it MS is stopping support I needed to chage my software. The software works, but many of the features that made Money so simple are lacking. layout is difficult also to navigate. example, when entering a check the enter button is above the line you are working on and the bottom of the previous transaction, several times I have clicked to "enter" and open the transaction before. You can say, well be careful, but I say, lay it out so the target zone is not so critical. I also had 5 times so far when downloading from my bank that transactions did not make it to my register....NEVER happened with Money...good bye old friend