Review: Blog - Pure Acai Berry Economics Pure Acai Berry Economics : There are a few which may have unnatural things that ones body can not procedure. This system reco

  • Raspberry Ketone Mg : Lose fat Have More Energy And be Happi | Blog - Raspberry Ketone Mg Raspberry Ketone Mg : The truth guiding powerful skin color rejuvenation and fat reduction will be the balance of dietary absorption

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  • Brian - This seems to be a pretty good little water filter

    This seems to be a pretty good little water filter. Its easy to use and doesn't slow down the outflow from the faucet which is awesome. I have one gripe, I don't like the very bottom piece on the non-filter tap where the water comes out, I wish I could take that off and screw the original one from my faucet on instead, because the flow is a bit low-pressure. All in all, I like the filter though, the water tastes good and it's easy to operate.

  • Carl R. Rogers - The only one to see!

    The best "Scrooge" ever! Be taken back in time to when Christmas was more personal. Alastair Sim plays the lonley and shrewd "Scrooge" like none before & none after him. This "classic" Christmas movie needs to be part of your holiday DVD collection along with your "Charlie Brown" & "Rudolph" DVD's. Watch this DVD & learn one of the great values of the holiday season!

  • Thomas - Great products, give them time to work.

    Used this product in combination with Anabolic Men Redwood (taken twice daily). At first I thought it wasn't working, but as with most herbal supplements, your body needs to adjust over time. After about 3.5 weeks in, I definitely noticed a change very suddenly - dramatically increased virility and libido, more strength and stamina in the gym. Very happy with the product and would recommend it highly to anyone. Just give it time to work properly.

  • Marty_5000 - Great purchase

    Undeniably stiffer than the 12-year old rubber of my 04-WRX, but the hole didn't fit the rod very snug. So I wrapped electrical tape around the end to make it barely able to fit... this created a much more connected feel with the transmission.

  • CaveatJJ - Caveat Emptor

    I bought this product on a Princess Cruise. My only excuse is that the fitness instructor selling it had a really good rap -- about $600 worth. Much of what he said I knew to be true. He is, in my opinion, a very good snake oil charmer. I just have to laugh now because once you buy it, you're out $600.00.

  • haley.blackburn - love these so much!!

    This smell like veggies but I'm okay with that, they are big but they have no problem going down as long as you drink something with it. Hair, skin and nails are packed with antioxidants and full of vitamins. They're extremely good for you and you should take them:) I love being healthy and encouraging other to be.

  • Mom23SETs - Quarters pop right in without difficultly. Does not have ...

    Quarters pop right in without difficultly. Does not have a spot for those awkward 2009 US territory quarters. It's very much larger than most coin folders.