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Haarmode Lydia. De kapper / Kapsalon van Woerden en Wilnis. - Haarmode Lydia - De salons in Woerden en Wilnis met professionele kapsalon teams. U kunt rekenen op goed (haar)advies, een kapper die op de hoogte is van de laatste trends.

  • http://haarmodelydia.nl/contact Het adres van uw kapper / kapsalon in Wilnis en Woerden. - Het adres van uw kapper / kapsalon in Wilnis en Woerden. Haarmode Lydia staat voor kwaliteit en goede service. U bent altijd welkom voor een goed advies!
  • http://haarmodelydia.nl/producten/ De kapper van Wilnis en Woerden gebruikt de beste kappersproducten. - De kapper van Wilnis en Woerden gebruikt de beste kwaliteit kappersproducten: Keune, Nioxin, Greath Lenghts. Voor de beste haarverzorging!

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Naomi States ([email protected]) - Great! A must-read for anyone wanting health and longevity!

    Since taking DHEA I have lost body fat, my exercise is more effective, I feel better, and my libido has increased! Read this book! Stephen Cherniske not only describes what DHEA can do for you, but teaches in detail a lifestyle consistent with health and longevity. DHEA restores balance to the immune system, strengthens bones, decreases recovery time after a workout, reduces body fat, decreases risk of heart disease, decreases risk of cancer, and decreases hyperinsulinism which contributes to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes. DHEA tells the brain: "I'm young!..keep me well, alive, and kicking!" Wouldn't you like to take the DHEA and other health-building products that Steve Cherniske himself has formulated?

  • Glen G - (edit) 7+ years, still works as intended

    Pour in a couple cups of ice, water to the line, lay the bottle in it, and it spins the bottle while pumping ice water over it. Room temp to COLD in 9 minutes - does not damage the wine (constant & even spin, no shake), though there a "no-spin" option that takes a few minutes longer. Will do soda cans, beer bottles up to 1-liter wine. $50 - and that has gotten a lot of use when kid's mothers drop over for a Saturday afternoon playdate and hang out with my wife!

  • Love to Travel - Not what I expected

    Very disappointed with the poor print quality. The book is difficult to read because the font is very small and so thin that it appears faded. I read the first couple of chapters and am not impressed. It is being returned.

  • Amazon Customer - I took a new job in an office after working ...

    I took a new job in an office after working 30 years in the tools. With my new job came EXCEL, I had no clue how it worked. So I purchased this DVD and learned how to use EXCEL. I have two computer monitors, I bring the training DVD up on one and EXCEL 2013 up on the other and work the trainings. I'm no expert now because I do not use excel every day, so if I need some retraining I go to the topic on the DVD and it comes right back.

  • Febronia - I love this thing

    I should have purchased this years ago. Such a small cost to upgrade the speed of your computer SO much. It took about 2 1/2 minutes before for everything to completely load on my old setup, now it takes 20 seconds max. That includes loading all peripherals and background programs. I love this thing, I will soon replace all my old drives with SSDs.